Metro Bank — Move Your Money

Metro Bank is rated green on the Move Your Money Switching Scorecard. So what is this new player actually like?

The London-based bank prides itself on its customer orientation, and with good reason, as it scored full marks for customer service.

Metro Bank also did well in ethics, and scored highly for running an honest and tax-haven free operation that received few fines or complaints. Excessive bonuses, inflated remuneration for directors and no real power for customers have all dented Metro Bank’s score for culture, and the bank would not confirm or deny whether they invest in fossil fuels for our Divest campaign. Nevertheless, the bank’s overall Switch Score of 77% makes it a good choice to move your money, particularly as it offers a current account.

Overall, Metro Bank seems to be a welcome addition to the UK banking sector, albeit with several areas that it could still improve upon. As the first new institution to be granted a general UK banking license in 150 years, Metrobank is one to watch.

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Originally published at on October 13, 2014.

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