The following is an except from Movement Generation’s Course Correction series: Session 4 titled “Decolonize the Future.” This piece was written in response to the question: Where will we be in the year 2050?

March for the Rights of Mother Earth: Santa Rosa, CA (Pomo territory) 2018

What will be possible because we remembered?

Even in a world rapidly working to disconnect us from being human

We remembered

That even if someday we can no longer grow what we need from the soil

That We are still the soil

That we are made from the earth, water and air

And so we protect them with our lives the way we protect each other

We are seed savers

Story tellers

Living libraries

Foreseers of the future and portals to the past

The students of pollinators




Sacred clowns

Brown & down computer hackers

Song keepers

We are lovers


Birth workers birthing new worlds

Transcending smoking ashes unfurled

Messengers air dropping seeds of resistance

On a world collapsing into herself

WE are a prayer of Remembrance

We learn to move like underground rivers

Hiding to preserve our force and medicine

Emerging as springs to sustain Life

Reminding the people to only use what they need

& So I’m reminding you to Never forget the the ones that are coming

To reciprocate now, while there is time

Make yourselves into waterways

Trusting where you are going

Slowly eroding pathways into the future:

Our molecules in perpetual cycles of life (never death)

Only evaporating to return as monsoons

Flash flooding their borders

their prisons

their wars

their haunting monuments

white houses


and binaries

We are the thunder awakening sleeping giants

Blood red like sequoia

Our roots underground communication systems:

Interconnected- Intelligence-Intergalactic

Beyond Jedi mind tricks: ancestral memory

We are a slight of the hand

Night visioned to sense points of intervention

Manifested by our matriarchs who couldn’t see us

But prayed we would live the day to embody lightning

Striking this beast to its knees





This beast

We will bring to its burial

Allowing its bones to compost into building blocks of regeneration

An old way reincarnated

Into the new world we are birthing

We are still here

Because we refused to forget

That we, too,

Are a part of this living breathing world