Countdown to Gala 2017, Day 8: Season 18 of Movement Research at the Judson Church (2008–2009)

The 2017 Movement Research Gala on May 8 will celebrate 25 years of Movement Research at the Judson Church and 50 Issues of the Movement Research Performance Journal. Join us at Judson Memorial Church to recognize these two landmark programs in what is sure to be a momentous event! Tickets and more information can be found here.

As we count down the days until the Gala, we’re celebrating the remarkable community of individuals who have contributed to Movement Research at the Judson Church since its inception in 1991 and inviting artists to share memories and reflect on what the program has meant to them.

#MRGala2017 #25DaysOfMRJudson

Movement Research honors the following artists for their contribution to the eighteenth season of Movement Research at the Judson Church, 2008–2009:

9/23/2008 Bea Gold; Adrienn Hod; Marta Ladjanski

9/29/2008 The Humans; Cedric Neugebauer; Claire Porter/PORTABLES

10/20/2008 Mollie O’Brien; Tatyana Tenenbaum; Theory 1: Dance; xodus dance Collective/Karen Gayle

10/27/2008 Doorknob Dance; Milka Djordjevich; Jimena Paz

11/10/2008 Chun-Chen Chang; Jo Morris; Miriam Wolf; Netta Yerushalmy

11/17/2008 Taiat Dansa; Rebecca Lazier; Barbara Mahler; Mariana Valencia

11/24/2008 Eun Jung Choi-Gonzalez; Melanie Maar; Todd McQuade; Chris Peck

12/8/2008 Movement Research FALL 2008 Festival: Martin Spangberg; DD Dorvillier, Trajal Harrell, Sarah Percival, Milka Djordjevich

12/15/2008 Maggie Bennett; Martin Lanz; Maria Kefirova

1/5/2009 Jessica Morgan; Bistoury, Alexey Taran; Liz Roche

1/12/2009 Talya Epstein; Athena Kokoronis; Margaret Morris; Allison Peacock and Victoria Cheong

1/26/2009 Alex Escalante; Arturo Vidich; Anne Zuerner/The Roxanne Lola Movement Machine

2/2/2009 Cheap Cakes; Ashley A. Friend; Nicki Marshall and Helen Styring Tocci*

2/9/2009 Vanessa Justice; Megan Nicely; Paul Singh; ColleenThomasDance

3/2/2009 Satoshi Haga, Ximena Garnica, Mana Kawamura

3/9/2009 Floanne Ankah, Emma Fitzgerald, Luka Kito

3/16/2099 Amy Chavasse, Donnell Oakley, Beth Simons

3/23/2009 Terry Creach, Kathryn Enright, Annie Kloppenberg, Ray Roy

3/30/2009 Irem Calikusu, Eun Hee Lee, Rebecca Pappas, Melissa Chris Peng

4/6/2009 David Appel, Benjamin Asriel, Jenn McGinn

4/13/2009 Ashley Byler, Tara O’Con, Kathy Westwater

4/20/2009 Vernita Nemec, Regina Rocke, Stacey Spence, Nancy Zendora

4/27/2009 Movement Research Spring Festival 2009: Rafael Sanchez, Jorge Just, Patrick Davison, Mike Rugnetta.

5/4/2009 Daria Faïn, Kayoko Nakajima*, Enrico Wey*

5/11/2009 Naomi Goldberg-Hass, He Jin Jang, Joanna Kotze, Jennifer Nugent

5/18/2009 Adriane Lee, Sasha Welsh, Daniel Lepkoff

6/1/2009 Karl Cronin, Charlotte Gibbons, Anna Sperber

6/8/2009 Kyle Abraham, Stochastic Ensemble, Emily Wexler

6/15/2009 Nancy Garcia, Danielle Paloumpis, Sakura Shimada, Pavel Zuštiak

We have listed everyone as they were listed in original programs or publications. If you see that your name or someone else’s name is not listed or listed incorrectly, please reach out to