Countdown to Gala 2017, Day 9: Season 17 of Movement Research at the Judson Church (2007–2008)

The 2017 Movement Research Gala on May 8 will celebrate 25 years of Movement Research at the Judson Church and 50 Issues of the Movement Research Performance Journal. Join us at Judson Memorial Church to recognize these two landmark programs in what is sure to be a momentous event! Tickets and more information can be found here.

As we count down the days until the Gala, we’re celebrating the remarkable community of individuals who have contributed to Movement Research at the Judson Church since its inception in 1991 and inviting artists to share memories and reflect on what the program has meant to them.

#MRGala2017 #25DaysOfMRJudson

Movement Research honors the following artists for their contribution to the seventeenth season of Movement Research at the Judson Church, 2007–2008:

10/1/2007 Lenka Bartunkova, Alex Escalante, Dora Hostova, Juliana May (MRX in partnership with Dance Theater Workshop and Tanec Praha, Czech Republic)

10/15/2007 Irem Calikusu, Barbara Mahler, Jimena Paz

10/22/2007 Kimberly Bartosik, Eleanor Bauer, Ashley Friend

10/29/2007 David Appel, Shizu Homma, qxi o. qxa

11/5/2007 Rie Fukuzawa, Jen Rosenblit, Shua Group

11/12/2007 Milka Djordjevich, Emily Faulkner, Michou Szabo

11/19/2007 DD Dorvillier, Melanie Maar, Regina Rocke, Pascale Wettstein

11/26/2007 Abigail Levine and Pei-chun Wang, Kathy Ochoa, Wendy Osserman

12/10/2007 Vanessa Justice, Anna Sperber, Mariko Tanabe

1/7/2008 Keila Cordova, Andrea Miller, Nora Stephens

1/14/2007 Amanda Drozer, Nina Winthrop, Yasuko Yokoshi, Antonietta Vicario

1/28/2008 Gerald Casel, Alex Escalante, Margaret Morris, Christopher Williams

2/4/2008 Oded Graf, Helen Simoneau, Kota Yamazaki

2/11/2008 Adriane Lee, NoeMarch Dance Company, Kimberly Young

2/25/2008 Inka Juslin, Paz Tanjuaquino

3/3/2008 Laurie Benoit, Anneke Hansen, Elise Knudson

3/10/2008 Laura Diffenderfer, Nicholas Duran, Nancy Garcia

3/17/2008 Hsin-Yi Shiang and Jye-Hwei Lin, Mollie O’ Brien, Jimena Paz, Kasper Daugaard Poulsen

3/24/2008 Linda Austin, Levi Gonzalez, Melinda Ring

3/31/2008 Jonah Bokaer, Guillermo Ortega, Amanda Waal, Jack Magai

4/7/2008 Ali Kenner, Lily Kiara, Despina Stamos

4/14/2008 Colleen Leonardi, Kayoko Nakajima, Yvonne Meier

4/21/2008 Justine Lynch, Lionel Popkin, Peter Sciscoli

4/28/2008 Beth Gill, Antonietta Vicaro, Todd Williams

5/5/2008 Julian Barnett, DD Dorvillier, Rebecca Lazier, RoseAnne Spradlin

5/12/2008 Daniel Linehan, Aydan Turker, Christopher Williams, Kirstie Simson

We have listed everyone as they were listed in original programs or publications. If you see that your name or someone else’s name is not listed or listed incorrectly, please reach out to