Movement Research at the Judson Church — February 6, 2017

Soo Hyun Hwang, Lauren Bakst, Camille Delaney and Julian Barnett & Jocelyn Tobias

methods of crying (work-in-progress)

Soo-Hyun Hwang

Group Work (A Study for Two)

By Lauren Bakst with Emma Geisdorf


Choreographed by Camille Delaney in collaboration with Maddie Schimmel

Performed by Maddie Schimmel and Camille Delaney

Costumes by Sarah Allwine and Camille Delaney

Choreography and performance by Julian Barnett and Jocelyn Tobias
 Additional performance by Justin Cabrillos and Florence Nasar

ODE 2 FOOL offers an insight into practices that act as an ontological study of connection and resilience through the mechanisms of movement, singing, and language abstraction. The work explores the notion of ‘starting over’ as a mantra for the post-emerging artist, maneuvering through past, present and future in order to arrive at a new state of devotion. Part opera, part mantra, part lecture confessional, ODE takes on, taking on with the hope of finding deeper currents and callings to continue making and being. Research and development for the work has been supported by Hellerau (Dresden), La Visiva (Barcelona), International House (Tokyo), FLOCK (Portland), BkSD, 92Y Harkness, and will be a part of the Performance Mix Festival in June 2017 (NY).

Videographer: Quentin Burley