Movement Research at the Judson Church — January 30, 2017

Nikima Jagudajev, Eva Dean, Sara Gurevich and Felicia Avalos

Fast Food

Choreography: Nikima Jagudajev

With: Mor Mendel, Laurel Atwell, Marie Ursin, Alexandra Tveit, Salma Abdel Salam, Jordan Balaber, Darrin George, Jessyca Hauser, and the rest of the Family


Labyrinth, part II of LIQUID SILVER (works-in-progress)
Choreography/Artistic Direction: Eva Dean

Movement Collaborators: Company Members: George Hirsch, Kirana Peters

Special Guest Artist: Deborah Jackson

Soundscape Collaboration: Caroline Partamian and Eva Dean

Production Assistant: Erick Montes

ansia invernal [working title]

Choreography & Direction: Sara Gurevich

Performers: Amy Gernux, Rachel Pritzlaff, Jessie Young

Music: Michael Wall/Darren Morze, The Doobie Brothers, Sara Gurevich

Immense THANK YOU to Fana Fraser, Emma Hoette, Kristin Clotfelter and Zoe Rabinowitz, without whom the development of this work would not have been possible. “ansia invernal” is supported, in part, through a generous rehearsal space grant from chashama (

Las Pizcas (The Pickings)

Choreographer/Costume/Performer: Felicia Avalos

Music: PRI Interview with Monica Campbell “How the Produce Aisle Looks to a Migrant Farmworker” & Chulas Fronteras by El

Piporro with Los Madregadores Del Valle

Las Pizcas is an excerpt from a larger thesis concert on the story of my father’s journey of crossing the Mexican border into the United Sates.

Videographer: Quentin Burley