Movement Research at the Judson Church — September 19, 2016

Featuring works by Milka Djordjevich, Jasmine Hearn, James Gardella, Kyli Kleven

Choreographer: Milka Djordjevich
Performers: Laurel Atwell and Devika Wickremesinghe

SODA WATER an excerpt from the sable venus blue and burning 
Choreography and Performance: Jasmine Hearn Δ
Music: Blackmermaid, Slowdanger, and Lil Keke

Δ 2016 Van Lier Fellow

Aching Dream
Choreographed by James Gardella 
Performed by James Gardella and Jackson Teague 
Sound arranged by James Gardella 
Music by The Chordettes, Brand New, and Fleet Foxes

Triangle Study: Technical Assistance
Choreography: Kyli Kleven in collaboration with performers and Lydia Adler Okrent
Performance: Jessica Cook, Tess Dworman, and Kyli Kleven
Music: Wendy Carlos “Land of the Midnight Sun”
Costumes: Kyli Kleven

Videographer: Quentin Burley