Movement Research Festival Fall 2016 | MR@Judson Participatory Installation by Okwui Okpokwasili

Mar 27, 2017 · 3 min read
MR@Judson Installation, November 28, 2016 | Photo by David Gonsier

Installation: Movement Research at the Judson Church was a participatory installation conceived and designed by Okwui Okpokwasili in collaboration with the Movement Research Festival Fall 2016 curators and created to feature the festival’s participating artists in live, intimate portraits.
The drawings were created by participating artists and the audience at the installation, in response to questions provided by Okpokwasili, curators, MR staff and interns.

The Movement Research Festival Fall 2016: unthreading the filter took place November 28 — December 3, and was curated by Carolyn Hall, Omagbitse Omagbemi and Kayvon Pourazar.

The following instructions were written on the Judson program:
Use a writing implement to put out a question.
For instance:
“What is the color of rain?”
“Would you sing your favorite song to yourself, very, very quietly?”
“What/who inspires you to keep going and what does “to keep going” mean to you?”
Write your question on a piece of paper and scatter over the floor, or write directly onto the butcher paper on the floor.
Write or sketch or doodle or dream your thoughts or responses on the butcher paper.
Find someone else’s question, one that speaks to you.
Rip it or take it from the floor and place it in the basket.
Individual performers will shape an internal presence in response to the questions. Their faces will hold the mysteries and secrets of these questions.
You are holding the space, being in space, making a space, a psychic space — sharing your internal presence while being present.
More questions arise.

Questions written on the scrolls:
Who have you lost?
Who do you miss? (could possibly combine this one with Who have you lost?)
Who makes you laugh and imagine the funniest thing that person has done.
What is the color of rain?
How did you get here?
Where will you go after you leave here? (could possibly combine this one with How did you get here?)
Would you sing your favorite song to yourself very, very quietly?
What was the last thing that compelled you to walk the border between freedom and confusion?
Do you desire chaos or order? Do they blur for you? In what way?
Where do you wish you could be? Make a landscape in your mind. Walk naked through it.
Whisper/sing/compose a poem/song silently or quietly to yourself. How does it make you feel?
What/who inspires you to keep going and what does “to keep going” mean to you?
What is your history? What are three things you would want a stranger to know about you?

The drawings were also displayed at each performance night at Danspace Project during the fall festival.

Audience viewing the drawings at Danspace Project, December 1, 2016 | Photo by Shirley Dai

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News on movement, dance, performance, and all things Movement Research.

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