Movement Research Festival Fall 2016: unthreading the filter

Mar 10, 2017 · 4 min read

The Movement Research Festival Fall 2016: unthreading the filter took place November 28 — December 3, and was curated by Carolyn Hall, Omagbitse Omagbemi and Kayvon Pourazar.

Participating artists: Hilary Clark, Leslie Cuyjet, Jimena Paz, Mina Nishimura, Saul Ulerio, April Matthis, Marilyn Maywald Yahel, Alex Romania, Heather Olsen, lily gold, Madison Krekel, Rachel Berman, Hadar Ahuvia and Pedro Osorio.

Invitation: Video Structure
Rachel I. Berman, Hilary Clark, Leslie Cuyjet, lily gold, Alex Romania, Saul Ulerio,
Video by Marin Sander-Holzman and Kayvon Pourazar

Hilary Clark’s invitation for Video Structure

This is a proposition of an investigation of your practices. please pursue, peruse and propose some questions, curiosities and desires of your self and your dancing body, develop new ones of your own accord. DO NOT RENT SPACE FOR THIS. THiS IS THE ONE RULE. Be in your home the street the subway a car your bed in the shower a studio you didn’t pay for where ever you are CHOOSE to be in a moving practice.
Ask yourself : What are we working on? Why? Is it motivated by a working process? Can it be YOU driven? Motivated by you and only you….
Performer driven….
A suggestion: Allow influence in to your practice. How is it the momentary choreographer in the performance while in the influence of your 30 minute practice rituals.?? As dancers you are constantly shifting, considering, creating based on information you are getting from everything.
This is Exchange of ideas without a choreographer present or a determined topic etc or piece in mind
The performative outcome is merely a reflection on the last 3 practice sessions
Come with an interest to explore have questions and to engage in a deeper dialogue around our working structure
Something driven by us without there being
A how really DO I DO this — an inquiry into your practice
A desire to deepen a, your performers experience
perform for each other
Look at inspirations
Conversation about drivers, authors and stars?
look at our material
Share tools write create
Share experiences
I am curious about you.

Same as you

Sound costume performance and choreography by Leslie Cuyjet

Leslie Cuyjet attempts to find the words that says what she does or has done. For more than a decade as a performer and dancer engaged in various processes and platforms, her work has lived in collaboration with other artists’ practices; with their bodies of work and selves, housed in hers. Actively and obediently she is listening to these echoes. She is learning. She is older. She is getting a bit brave.

Invitation: Spoken Structure
Madison Krekel, Jimena Paz, Saul Ulerio

I’m either a Psychopath in a Sheep Clothing, an Intern Priest At The St. Marks Temple, a Temporary Assistant to the Visual Artist, or You
By Mina Nishimura

until being one




By Saúl Ulerio

Somewhere Better Later

Directed/Choreographed by Kaneza Schaal

Design by Chris Myers

By April Matthis

Lazy Girl in Forest and Very Windy
By Marilyn Maywald Yahel
Mark Morris Dance Center Subsidized Rental Program

Invitation: Spoken Structure
Leslie Cuyjet, Mina Nishimura, Heather Olsen, Jimena Paz

KLUTZ (excerpt)
Choreographed by Alex Romania in collaboration with performers
Maira Duarte, Kaia Gilje, Ålvaro Gonzålez, Millie Kapp, Raquel Mavecq, Marc Mosteirin, Emily Smith and
Ben Wohlfarth

Music by Ben Wohlfarth, Alex Romania, and Marc Mosteirin
Costumes by Alex Romania
Video by Alex Romania featuring Millie Kapp, Butch Merigoni, and performers

This work has been supported in part through a space grant through the Brooklyn Arts Exchange.

Stuck Moves

By Heather Olson

Sound design by James Lo

This solo dance serves as a container for material I’ve been working on recently. It may be expanded into a larger piece one day. Many thanks to James for the years of collaboration.

G R A B (2012) excerpt

By lily gold

This solo was originally presented at Center for Performance Research through Chez Bushwick presents. Deep thanks to Lindsay Clark for initially curating the work, which unknowingly was the beginning of many years of research. And to Kayvon, Omagbitse, and Carolyn for the invitation to revisit it.

i only hunt with you.

Performer: Madison Krekel

Collaborator: Isaiah Singer, electric guitar and backing vox

Original words and music by Madison Krekel and Isaiah Singer with a cover of

“All I Have To Do Is Dream” by the Everly Brothers

i’m a work in progress.

Invitation: Spoken Structure

Rachel Berman, lily gold, Jimena Paz, Alex Romania

“Everything you have is yours?”

by Hadar Ahuvia

with Mor Mendel

Dramaturgy: Rowan Magee

Technical support: Ben Katz

“Everything you have is yours?” was made possible through the Movement Research Artist-in-Residence Program funded, in part, by the Jerome Foundation, by the Davis/Dauray Family Fund, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council. “Everything you have is yours?” has been been incubated by LABA: A Laboratory for Jewish Culture at the 14th Street Y.

Thanks to Karl Cooney for helping with earlier iterations of this work.

Videographer: Quentin Burley

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