Week Ahead Feb 1–7

This Week at Movement Research…


Morning Class with Luis Lara Malvacías
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 10am-12pm

Qi Gong with Laurel Atwell
Monday and Friday 10am-12pm

Klein Technique™ with Barbara Mahler
Tuesday and Thursday 10am-12pm

C O R E M O T I O N with Daria Faïn
Tuesday and Thursday 10am-12pm

Pilates Mat Class with Johanna S. Meyer
Tuesday 2–3:15pm

Feldenkrais with Rebecca Davis
Wednesday 12:30–2pm

Alexander Technique with Sarah White-Ayón
Wednesday 2–4pm

Contact Improvisation with Charles Mosey
Wednesday 6:30–8:30pm

Klein™/Barre with Barbara Mahler
Thursday 4–6pm

Contact Improvisation — The Basics with Sarah Konner
Thursday 6–8pm

Athletics of Intimacy with K.J. Holmes
Saturday 11am-1pm

Ballet for Contemporary Dancers with Janet Panetta
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 12–2pm

Performances, Workshops and Events

February 1
Movement Research at the Judson Church
Phoebe Berglund, EunJin Choi§, Santa Grīnfelde‖

February 2
Studies Project
Technology and Pop Culture in Performance: how are we feeling?
Conceived by Greer Dworman with AUNTS, Steve May, Neal Medlyn and more TBA

February 7
Sunday Process Lab
Mystical Somatics: A Practice of Presence Between Worlds with iele paloumpis

February 9
Open Performance
Moderated by Jen Rosenblit*
Elle Erdman/Glacier, Yildiz Guventurk, Elena Rose Light

February 12
Body Scripting Workshop
with Tamar Rogoff and Gregg Mozgala

February 13 & 14
Otto Ramstad

February 14
The Underscore

February 21
Sunday Process Lab
Voice as Movement with Peter Sciscioli

February 27
Somatic Fantastics for Dance — From Alexander to Zero Balancing
with Martha Eddy

*2015 Movement Research Artist-in-Residence
§ MRX/Korea in partnership with Seoul Dance Center, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture
‖ MRX/Latvia in partnership with Contemporary Dance Choreographers Union in Latvia and ARA dance company