2018 Is The Year To Make #BoldMoves

2018 is almost here, and we already know one thing to be true: This is your year.

Yes, you.

Yes, yours.

Join the #BoldMoves Challenge

Make 2018 yours. This January, we’re rewarding one fierce mover who commits to their fitness goal and sticks with it. All you have to do is follow a #BoldMoves MoveList, and work out all month.

What’s in it for you?

Win one Bold Move! We will pick one winner and sponsor a skydive, marathon registration, singing lessons, tattoo, you name it. We’ll cover the cost for something you’ve always wanted to do — up to $300.

Get started now!

1. Click “Follow” on any #BoldMoves List in the challenges section of the MoveWith app.

2. Complete as many of the workouts in the list as you can by January 31, 2018.

The more you move, the more likely you are to win — every workout gives you an extra entry. Share a post-workout selfie with hashtag #BoldMoves and tag @movewith for another entry every time you work out.

Check out the lists

There’s something special about a good intense sweat. It’s a cathartic release, a burning of calories, a torching of ego, and in some circles it’s a spiritual release of what holds you back. If your 2018 resolutions involve letting go of something in order to face a fear or scale a mountainous goal, this #BoldMoves MoveList is for you.
Follow this list to join the challenge

Ready to be vitally alive every moment of the day? If you need to supercharge your commitment to yourself, this is the MoveList for you. This month-long program is full of super short and effective workouts that give you no excuses to start making #BoldMoves.
Follow this list to join the challenge

Every goal requires internal strength and grit. The bigger the goal, the longer you’ll have to hold, dig deep, and keep pushing as your body and mind build strength. This MoveList is perfect for you if your 2018 #BoldMoves resolution includes the need for tenacity and mental fortitude.
Follow this list to join the challenge

Say goodbye to stuck energy by embracing this run-centric MoveList. By focusing on breath (through meditation, talks, and running), you’ll tap into your innate momentum to “be” at your fullest. If your #BoldMoves resolution for the year is to accomplish something that requires great amounts of attention and follow through, this is the list for you.
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Boldness comes in all forms, and the quietest form is often the hardest to come by. From the quiet simmering strength that it takes sit still for a meditation, to the patient humbleness a truly devoted yoga practice requires. If your #BoldMoves resolution for 2018 is centered around self-revelation or a huge cosmic cause, this is the MoveList for you.
Follow this list to join the challenge

We caught up with a few of our movers to learn how they’re moving boldly into 2018. Share your story. We want to champion your #BoldMoves 2018 resolutions!

In 2018, I’m going to be daring and take more risks. To kickstart that, I’m going to jump out of a plane to prove to myself that I can overcome my fear of heights. #BoldMoves. — Kat, MoveWith Mover
In 2018, I’m going to be unapologetically and outwardly bold. I’m going to work to dismiss the noise, both externally and in my own head, and find the courage to speak boldly and loudly from my gut. As a female CEO, it’s time to authentically speak up, to unabashedly celebrate wins, and risk embarrassment by sharing my failures. So watch out world, I might even start tweeting and blogging. ;) #BoldMoves — Holly
In 2018, I’m going to own my creative confidence — championing my viewpoints by sharing what I’m working on, and starting by publishing my first book this year. I’m going to be unapologetically and boldly open. I’m going to dismiss the critics, both external and internal. I will courageously stand behind my work, because I believe that every authentic voice that rises creates space for others to be more boldly them. #BoldMoves — Tricia

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