Away Co-Founder Jen Rubio Shares Her Secrets for Staying Healthy While Traveling

Here at MoveWith, we’re always hearing stories of movers living inspiring, active lives. We snagged a few minutes with the amazing Jen Rubio, the co-founder of Away to get her secrets on staying healthy and active while globe trotting.

Jen Rubio is the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Away, a travel brand designing special objects that make seeing the world more seamless.

How do you find healthy food while away?


I think it’s so important — no matter where you are in the world — to completely embrace the local culture, including the food! Sometimes that means I eat things that I wouldn’t normally consider “healthy” but I think that’s an important part of the experience. Like when I’m in Lisbon (like I was for a recent campaign shoot), I can’t pass up the egg tarts.

That said, I do make an effort to stay healthy while I’m in transit — whether by incorporating a supplement to keep my immune system in check (I’m a fan of Four Sigmatic Chaga Elixir because they come in individual packs that are so easy to throw in your bag and mix with whatever liquid you have on hand), or by stashing some almonds in my bag to ensure I keep my energy up throughout the day and don’t make rash decisions because I’m hangry.

What fitness gear do you bring while away?


Regardless of where I am, you’re likely to find me meditating in the morning — it’s an easy and practical way for me to get centered, and I don’t need much of anything to do it! I always have essential oils on hand because they work wonders to lift your mood and energy (I love the Vitruvi Balance roll-on because I never have to worry about it spilling.) I always bring a lightweight, flexible pair of sneakers (like Nike Flyknits) which are easy to pack, and a nylon jump rope so I can always sneak some cardio in the hotel room.

Any other tips for staying fit and healthy on-the-go?


I meditate in cabs all the time and walk as much as possible when I’m traveling to cities — I’ve started to do walking meetings and calls, which not only offer physical benefits, but offer so much more clarity and a better conversation.

How do you get an inspired workout in your hotel?


I actually try to avoid the hotel room workout! Instead of the hotel gym, you’ll find me on a scenic hike, checking out a local yoga studio, or on a long bike ride around town. When I want that extra motivation, I like to find a park or scenic overlook and take a MoveWith audio yoga or HIIT class on my phone. Just like everything else on my (loose) itinerary, my workout depends on where I am in the world.

How can you make the most of the hotel gym?


Avoid it! Instead, step outside and be open to a different kind of workout than you’d do in your everyday life. I think it’s important to be flexible enough with your workout that you’re not relying on any single piece of equipment — and embracing a new experience might lead you to discover something new to love! Take a peak at My Fitness Away from Home MoveList that you can pretty much do from anywhere.

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Thanks for sharing your adventure with the MoveWith community, Jen! We’re a bit envious of your adventures and look forward to moving with you while we’re Away in 2018.