Earn The Feast And Move With Us Into Thanksgiving

Real talk — we love working out. We feel strong after a HIIT session, revved up after a run, and grounded when we’ve had time on our yoga mats. Exercising just makes us feel good — accomplished — fierce. A happy side effect, of course, is that working out can help us balance occasional indulgences. And what’s more indulgent than holiday meals? With Thanksgiving on the horizon, we’ve partnered with Greatist to create a 5k plan so we’re ready to run in this year’s Turkey Trot… and ready to treat ourselves come Turkey Day. Want to join us and work(out) your way into Thanksgiving? Tap the MoveWith app, lace up your running shoes, and get ready to Earn the Feast.

What Is Earn The Feast?
Have you ever run a Turkey Trot 5k or other Thanksgiving Day run? Now’s your chance. Earn the Feast is a beginner-friendly, 3.5-week training and motivation program that will get you ready to run before diving into dinner. Want to find a local race? Search for an event near you. Even if you don’t plan on participating in a formal Turkey Trot 5k, you can still run a race with us virtually and enjoy a motivating playlist. Just press play on “Your Race Day Companion” in the MoveWith app.

What Is The Earn The Feast Training Plan?
Enjoy guided run, strength-training, and mobility workouts created by our top-notch instructors, and packed with motivation and killer music to keep you moving. Want to take a peek at the training schedule? Check out the complete calendar below!

Who Are Your Earn The Feast Instructors?
Since you’re looking to truly move with intention over the next few weeks, you need the best in the business to have your back. We tapped Lindsey and Amber, both PUMA-sponsored athletes, and the Co-Founders of the Brave Body Project, plus Katie, an elite running coach who trains athletes at the studio, MyStryde, to help you across the finish line. Lindsey is a half-marathoner who believes there is greatness in YOU, and she is here to help you unleash it. Amber is a Barry’s Bootcamp Trainer and will get you excited about your workouts because each session will leave you feeling stronger and braver than before. Katie can crush a marathon in a blazing 3:08, and when she’s not out on the road herself, she’ll help you appreciate each stage of your workout. These pros know what it takes to dig deep and find motivation to move, and they make fitness fun.

Who Can Earn The Feast?
Speaking of fun, working out is more enjoyable with your favorite people; encourage those around you to move with you so you can Earn The Feast together! While anyone can participate in these workouts, some of the runs are made for more moderate and seasoned runners. If you, your siblings, or your Uncle Jim are new to 5k training, feel free to walk it out. We want you to Earn The Feast, not hurt yourself, so please stick to a speed that’s comfortable for you.

Ready to run? Get moving now, and we’ll see you at the finish line… and then, probably, at the dessert table. Happy Thanksgiving!

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