Ready to rock 2018? Check out 2017’s boldest fitness coaches.

What makes you awesome? Chances are, your personal best came from witnessing someone else’s personal best. Being great is never a solo journey, which is why we love our fearless coaches who make us run, sweat, sit, pant, grin, walk, strut, stretch, jump… puke (yes puke). All for the good of the body mind and soul.

We followed up with our boldest most badass coaches to share personal inspiration for 2018, asking them “How will you move boldly into the new year?” and challenged them to curate MoveLists of workouts and classes for you to supercharge your year. Whatever you need, we’ve got you. Ready to go? Let’s move together!

Naomi Rotstein: HIIT and Strength Coach on MoveWith

Naomi Rotstein

My Bold Resolution: Challenging my body in a way that feels good. Sweat isn’t about the calories being burned but rather empowerment of what your body is capable of!

How I’ll Move: Movement is always my escape to make my body and mind feel clear and focused.

Move with Me: This is all about challenging your body in a way that feels good. Follow my #BoldMoves list and move with me!

Enrique Julia: Running and Cycling Coach on MoveWith

Enrique Julia

My Bold Resolution: Talk less and listen more. I am going to let there be more quiet moments so you can find your inner voice & listen to your breath.

How I’ll Move: I will create and follow MoveLists that provide more listening to one’s self as well as a few new classes I have never tried before.

Move with Me: This is all about getting your inner voice to quiet down and get more out of your workout. Follow my #BoldMoves list and move with me!

Katie Barrett: Running, Treadmill, HIIT and Mobility Coach on MoveWith

Katie Barrett

My Bold Resolution: I will work to crack the 3 hour mark in the marathon with two upcoming races in 2018!

How I’ll Move: I have a pretty big goal for my marathons, so making sure my training is on point is super important. Running, strength training, and mobility will play a big role in helping me get there.

Move with Me: When it comes to being a stronger runner, you have to have all of the pieces of the puzzle. These short moves round out a great training day. Follow my #BoldMoves list and move with me!

James Nicholas Kinney: Motivational Speaker on MoveWith

James Nicholas Kinney

My Bold Resolution: I will start a political action committee and or make a move for direct leadership opportunities.

How I’ll Move: Fitness and meditation have always been my anchor. My plan is to get into a deep flow and master the movement along with nutrition.

Move with Me: Be a spark everywhere you go. Be a change agent by giving a smile and creating impact. Follow my #BoldMoves list and move with me!

Garrett Wood: Treadmill, Strength and HIIT Coach on MoveWith

Garrett Wood

My Bold Resolution: Improve my strength. This year, I can get back on a program, be consistent with my training and actually grow back my strength.

How I’ll Move: I like to carry my strength like a secret weapon — it keeps me confident, healthy and mentally well :)

Move with Me: Here are the classes that keep me strong and sane so I can make it my best year yet! Follow my #BoldMoves list and move with me!

Deepak Mishra: Indoor Cycling Coach on MoveWith

Deepak Mishra

My Bold Resolution: Donating 20% of all my fitness revenue on a bi-monthly basis to worthwhile causes that my clients and I all hold dear to our hearts!

How I’ll Move: Moving locally and with MoveLists. My MoveList will be highlighting coaches that also share common passions of outreach!

Move with Me: MoveWith is all about moving in every which way — exuberantly, confidently, mindfully, and BOLDLY. Follow my #BoldMoves list and move with me!

Lindsey Clayton: Treadmill, HIIT, and Mobility Coach on MoveWith

Lindsey Clayton

My Bold Resolution: In 2017, I made a big goal to complete the NYRR 9+1 to qualify for the 2018 NYC Marathon (and I did it!). I’ve committed to this big, scary goal for 2018!

How I’ll Move: I’m committing to keeping a solid schedule of runs, cross training, and recovery to make sure my body is feeling strong, inside and out!

Move with Me: My go-to MoveList includes Katie B., Amber and Garrett! Here are my favorite runs, cross-training, and recovery classes. Follow my #BoldMoves list and move with me!

Janet Stone: Yoga and Meditation Coach on MoveWith

Janet Stone

My Bold Resolution: I’ll move boldly in 2018 with clear intentions, strong integrity of action, and open to powerful inspiration.

How I’ll Move: Keeping my body and mind strong supports daily acts of kindness, compassion and the support of others on their journey to inner and outer strength.

Move with Me: This MoveList is all about fostering clear intentions, action, and openness to inspiration. Follow my #BoldMoves list and move with me!

Danni: Yoga and Meditation Coach on MoveWith

Danni Pomplun

My Bold Resolution: Step into the fear of being my greatest self.

How I’ll Move: Taking time to get into my body and out of my head. To trust that I am a warrior!

Move with Me: I’m challenging myself in a few ways this year. Grounding down with mediations and working up a sweat in movements I normally don’t do! Follow my #BoldMoves list and move with me!

Cassie Brown: HIIT Coach on MoveWith

Cassie Brown

My Bold Resolution: To channel all of my focus into making my strengths shine rather than wasting energy trying to hide my weaknesses.

How I’ll Move: The B Strong Method is all about cultivating a self-confidence within a “safe space” — your workouts. When you realize the failing isn’t “the end” or what you’re capable, somehow life’s obstacles seem less scary.

Move with Me: I’ve created a mashup of 3 of my top audio classes into the ultimate B Strong experience! Do this multiple times a week to get stronger, leaner, bolder. Follow my #BoldMoves list and move with me!

Peter: Yoga, Meditation, and Motivation Coach on MoveWith

Peter Walters

My Bold Resolution: NOTHING! Which is to say, I will practice self acceptance vs. self improvement. I have plenty, I am plenty — and you are too!

How I’ll Move: The yoga practice, and all sorts of movement practices help remind me that I am enough. Health is wealth, so each time that I GET to exercise I remember that I am plenty, that I don’t need a thing!

Move with Me: These are some of my favorite MoveWith teachers and classes! Get on it! Follow my #BoldMoves list and move with me!

Amber Rees: HIIT, Strength and Treadmill Coach on MoveWith

Amber Rees

My Bold Resolution: Well I’ve never been in love with resolutions. BUT in 2018, I’m choosing to be bold by being more courageous and less hesitant.

How I’ll Move: #1- Brave Body Project- to build our community by traveling to share our message of empowerment and body positivity! #2- Last year I RAN MY FIRST HALF MARATHON. I truly surprised myself for doing it and finishing. My first courageous run this year? The NYC Half Marathon!

Move with Me: These workouts push me out of my comfort zone. (It’s scary, right?) BUT WHY NOT! Follow my #BoldMoves list and move with me!

Chad Flahive: HIIT and Strength Coach on MoveWith

Chad Flahive

How I’ll Move: After a year of nearly no working out due to major shoulder surgery, I will commit to doing my best and not judging myself or my progress in any way. Any bold move is a move in the right direction!

How I’ll Move: I’m looking forward to rebuilding strength and mobility step by step then crushing the great outdoors this summer!

Move with Me: I’ve included several Public Body signature workouts along with strength and sculpting for the perfect balance toward total hotness and awesomeness! Follow my #BoldMoves list and move with me!

Julie Aiello: Meditation + Talks, Yoga Coach on MoveWith

Julie Aiello

How I’ll Move: To live and breathe and serve with courage, power, grace. Teaching yoga wherever I am. It requires (still!) courage to do what I love! Knowing I will stumble, make mistakes — but that ultimately I have a gift, we each do.

How I’ll Move: Daily meditation every day for 10 minutes. When I give myself small phrases of wisdom I can change my mindset. I am as committed to this as I am to drinking a delicious cup of coffee every day, without fail!

Move with Me: Here are my top 6 favorite mindful meditations for different parts of the day. Follow my #BoldMoves list and move with me!

Alex Ho: Running, Strength and HIIT Coach on MoveWith

Alex Ho

My Bold Resolution: By taking more risks, both in my personal and professional life. It’s going to be the year of going deep with conversations and relationships, becoming more vulnerable and stronger.

How I’ll Move: Fitness is a key ingredient in pursuing my goals. From staying in shape and learning new techniques for my clients to pursuing my own running goals (my next 100 mile race!)

Move with Me: These are a great way to kick your a** into gear in 2018. Warm up your core then it’s time to get that heart rate up with these 3 classes. Follow my #BoldMoves list and move with me!

Jenn Menzer: HIIT, Strength, Treadmill and Mobility Coach on MoveWith

Jenn Menzer

My Bold Resolution: Be courageous, be bold, believe truly in myself and my gifts that I have to offer others. Accept that I am in a new building phase in my life. KNOW that if I manifest it, believe in ME, it will happen in abundance!

How I’ll Move: Movement is my air. Yoga, Meditation, and Strength Training will be my guide, my fuel, and my restoration.

Move with Me: A healthy combination of strength and flexibility are part of my weekly regimen. Follow my #BoldMoves list and move with me!

Kilty Inafuku: Yoga and Meditation Coach on MoveWith

Kilty Inafuku

My Bold Resolution: I will be unapologetically open and firm about what I’m thinking and feeling. I want to share more of what’s on my mind and feel less need to be premeditated in my words and actions.

How I’ll Move: Yoga inspires me to open my body to more boldly and creatively voice what’s on my mind and in my heart.

Move with Me: These workouts, yoga classes, and meditations help me be my BOLD SELF! Follow my #BoldMoves list and move with me!

David Magone: Yoga and Meditation Coach on MoveWith

David Magone

My Bold Resolution: I’m going to compete in my first Olympic lifting competition at the Bay State Games. My goal is to qualify for Nationals in the 87 Kilo category.

How I’ll Move: I’m a relatively new lifter, so coaching, structured planning and nutrition will be really important.

Move with Me: I‘m using yoga to maintain flexibility and keep my head clear while I prepare for the big day. Follow my #BoldMoves list and move with me!

Stephanie Main: HIIT and Mobility Coach on MoveWith

Stephanie Main

My Bold Resolution: To welcome change and move with it. I’ll find my bold new voice. I will continue to learn as a coach and grow as a person to become my best self in all aspects of my life.

How I’ll Move: My passion is fitness and by following that, I will become the best version of myself.

Move with Me: Sweat, train hard and move well but also recover so you can keep coming back for more. Follow my #BoldMoves list and move with me!

Samantha Poccia: Indoor Cycling and HIIT Coach on MoveWith

Samantha Poccia

My Bold Resolution: Learning to say no. It is impossible to please everyone, and I will not try to do this anymore. Instead I will focus on my own goals and wants, and use my time doing what I think is important.

How I’ll Move: Use movement to inspire others to incorporate it into their lives. A healthy lifestyle includes daily movement that makes you happy.

Move with Me: This is all about the cardio, the endurance, the strength to cycle through a variety of challenges. Climb hills, conquer mountains, and crush sprints. Follow my #BoldMoves list and move with me!

Martin Scott: Yoga and Meditation Coach on MoveWith

Martin Scott

My Bold Resolution: I’m accepting the life changes I experienced in 2017 and using them as positive reinforcers to move into 2018 stronger, fully grounded and more focused than ever.

How I’ll Move: Movement is cathartic. Physical Movement is metaphorical to moving forward in one’s life. I choose to keep moving forward.

Move with Me: Being a teacher is amazing. Being a student is even MORE amazing. Moving outside my modality makes a more well-rounded teacher. Follow my #BoldMoves list and move with me!

Cara Scinto: HIIT Coach on MoveWith

Cara Scinto

My Bold Resolution: Express myself in a vulnerable way and remain open to valuable feedback. Being creative and focusing on balance!

How I’ll Move: Having a MoveList for Balanced Living.

My #BoldMoves MoveList: Add balance to your week with these Bold Moves! Follow my #BoldMoves list and move with me!

Jane Austin: Pre- & Postnatal Yoga and Meditation

Jane Austin

My Bold Resolution: Continuing my life’s work of empowering pregnant women and new moms to connect to their innate power to forge pathways into the deep spaces inside of themselves where this force lives.

How I’ll Move: Using movement and yoga as a meditation to calm the mind and support my body, I commit to a deeper practice of self discovery. I will to the best of my ability to “walk the talk”.

Alexa Silvaggio: Yoga, Meditation + Motivation Coach on MoveWith

Alexa Silvaggio

My Bold Resolution: I am going to stand in my own power and release self doubt. I am going to practice speaking to myself more compassionately and continue thinking thoughts that are for my highest good.

How I’ll Move: Every time I move my body I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I am so privileged to have a body that works, lungs that breathe, a heart that beats. #PracticeOn

JohnBlaze: Yoga Coach on MoveWith

JohnBlaze Kolinsky-Young

My Bold Resolution: I’m going to move bold by Staying in My Lane! This saying resonates with me, not just because I love hip hop, but because it’s all about getting comfortable with your purpose, even if you are the Solo rider towards your trajectory.

How I’ll Move: Movement has always brought me back to my center. Whether that’s simply breathing in yoga or pumping fresh blood all through out my body by lifting, movement will help me Stay in My Lane.