Goodbye 2017, hello #BoldMoves

One year ago, MoveWith took a big step towards launching the modern gym with our first audio fitness product that had a mere 25 classes and a handful of coaches. Today, with over 600 boutique classes, more than 30 amazing coaches, and a powerful mover community over 100,000 strong, we’re ready to move boldly into 2018.

For me, personally, 2017 was a year of grit at MoveWith and beyond. At MoveWith, we often think of ourselves as the humble underdogs — quietly, quickly and purposefully building the features that fuel a new kind of gym, a new way to be fit, a new way to earn a living as a coach, a new way of being boldly you. In less than a year, with a tiny team of 10 people, we proved to ourselves and our community that what we’re building was worth it. The countless late nights, the missed kids’ soccer games, the wearing of 1 too many hats was all worth it! What 2017 taught me is that my personal grit, by itself, will never be enough because MoveWith has, and always will be, bigger than me, bigger than my team, bigger than any one person.

It’s our collective boldness that will define what MoveWith becomes and as I reflected on how I want to show up in 2018, I found inspiration from our community.

  • Adrian, the mover who joined us on Dec 29th last year and took 387 audio classes, from yoga to meditation to indoor cycling, inspired me to keep with it each day.
  • Stefanie, an active mover who is blind, takes audio classes of all kinds and reminded me that we can and will build a product that serves millions of people who have been underserved in the boutique fitness market.
  • Roxanne, the mover who found the mental and physical strength to care for her sick parents through our yoga, HIIT and meditation classes, proved that we can show up best for others when we show up first for ourselves.
  • Kat, my 63 year old mother (and mover) who trekked 500 miles across Spain on the Camino de Santiago trail because it was just something she “had to do” showed me that it’s never too late to be bold and courageous.
  • The coaches who were brave enough to put their authentic voices out there, creating new workouts like BodyBlitz, Metabolic Meltdown, Heart Flow and Public Body

Tricia Choi and I started MoveWith to empower the mindful athlete in everyone. And in 2018, I’m going to be a new kind of mindful athlete, the kind that is unapologetically and outwardly bold. I’m going to work to dismiss the noise, both externally and in my own head, and find the courage to speak boldly and loudly from my gut because I’m building something that I believe needs to exist in this world and that needs a voice. As a female CEO, it’s time to authentically speak up, to unabashedly celebrate wins, and risk embarrassment by sharing my failures. So watch out world, I might even start tweeting and blogging. ;)

This January, as part of the Bold Moves Challenge, I will Sweat Intensely to connect to the part of me that’s ready to take on any challenge and Clear My Mind so that I can speak from that gut-confident place.

We’re here to empower and inspire you to move boldy each day. We build for and celebrate the people who live with fierce purpose, who choose adventure, who keep going when it’s hard, that love to sweat but nourish the soul, who say “yes” even when it’s scary, and who know that the struggle is temporary. When you make bold moves, you inspire others to do the same. Because bold moves are contagious, whether you make them on the mat, on the road, in the boardroom, or wherever you are.

Join me this January in the MoveWith #BoldMoves Challenge.