How Running Fuels this Strong Female Entrepreneur

Mover Spotlight: Gabrielle Guthrie

Our first mover spotlight features designer, entrepreneur, and champion of women: Gabrielle Guthrie. Gabrielle is the designer cofounder of Moxxly and fuels her busy life through constant exploration, a growth mindset, and of course—running with Enrique Julia on MoveWith. We caught up with Gabrielle to find out how she PR’d at her second triathlon by training with the MoveWith app… even while in heels.

Why do you move?

It’s really important for me to feel whole. Especially since we spend so much time in our brains all day long. Moving gives me an opportunity to be in my body and reconnect with my physical self.

I had this insight that I saw my body as this impedance to getting stuff done. I would actually get mad that I’d have to go to the bathroom or eat because I was busy. So when I realized that’s really twisted , I thought “How can I use my body to get my work done? To achieve my goals?”

Moving’s important to me because it helps remind me that my body is a vehicle for life.

When did you start moving?

I remember being a little kid and always having tons of energy and bouncing around the house always wanting to play and bring other people into movement.

When did you start running?

When I was in high school, my dad caught me smoking and he forced me to join cross country. My running started as a form of punishment. It was horrible. I wasn’t the cross country type and I was always the outsider. But then something clicked. I started noticing changes in my body, the way that I was sleeping, and even my performance at school. I suddenly felt so incredibly empowered in my physical body. My body became this force of strength whereas before I had all the typical female teenage body issues. When I started running, my body started morphing into this strong body. It just became an incredibly positive feedback loop for me to continue to run—because it gave me strength. I’ve been a runner ever since.

Can you talk about the role of MoveWith in your life

I just started last year. Before that I had been going to yoga for 5 days a week for about a year. It was a studio where they did the same thing every day. So no matter when you went you’d always get the same routine. After a year I didn’t want to do it anymore. I was so bored. So incredibly bored. So I stopped going to yoga and I looked for something else to move my body. A friend invited me to join him in a triathlon. I looked into it and thought “Yeah, why not!?” It sounded really badass and I was looking for something else to focus on physically.

My first triathlon was so much fun. I loved it. Amazing experience. Not only did I finish but I beat my goal by an hour. When my Dad saw me finish the race, it gave him the confidence to sign up for one and I joined him—with a new goal: to improve my run time.

Gabrielle: training for her triathlon while biking in heels for Moxxly

I signed up for MoveWith to help me train for the running portion of the race. I followed Enrique Julia and Alex Ho. I listened to all of their classes and even ran with them [in my ears] during the actual race day. It was so great! I had Enrique in my ear while I was running, and it helped me beat my overall race time by 18 minutes, leading me to get my best time (a PR!) for running. All that, and I placed 7th in my age group overall.

I totally feel I couldn’t have done that without the training that MoveWith provided. I love it.
Gabrielle with her Dad pre-race

What are you doing for movement now?

My dad, brother, and I are going to participate in an olympic level relay triathlon this summer. I’m doing the running portion so I want to beat my personal best again. I’m using MoveWith to train.

What’s your most moving MoveWith moment?

It was pouring rain as I completed my last training mile—all with MoveWith in my ear. I was listening to Enrique as I climbed the last mile. I was so proud to have trained so hard and come so far that I nearly cried with joy.

Why would you tell someone to use MoveWith?

It feels like a digital training companion on my schedule. I love the flexibility of it. I can access it whenever I want to. I love that I feel like they’re [MoveWith coaches] with me in my ear as a personal coach but it’s incredibly flexible and a cost efficient way to train or to move.

Do you have a go-to coach?

Enrique Julia. I really appreciate his personality. He’s knowledgable and he excels by bringing in personal stories and personality to help you feel like you know him a little bit.

Enrique Julia: Running, Indoor Cycling, and Treadmill Coach on MoveWith

What would you like to say to Enrique?

I’d love to thank him for helping me train to get my PR and knock my goals out of the park.