How to Stay Fit as a Summer Intern

Congrats! You landed that amazing summer internship working at your ideal job, living in the city of your dreams, and receiving an amazing pay (okay…you check one, maybe two of those boxes). Regardless, when summer rolls around, college students finally shed the homework, ditch the random extracurricular meetings, and stay FAR away from office hours.

However, with new people, new work, and a new city our fitness routines and healthy habits often take the backseat — not even accounting for the surplus of office food and crazy, tiring work days.

So, use these tools to create and maintain that summer body within your budget while enjoying all summer has to offer.

Go running

Explore your surroundings with a run. Just pop in your headphones, strap your phone in, and go! Running for just 30 minutes burns a whopping 300 calories. Beyond the health benefits, you can discover cute parks for some bodyweight exercises, local cafes perfect for a little work or a nice book, and even small restaurants that you can remember for later.

The run itself is also FREE, but always bring a credit card and some cash since you never know if you’ll accidentally get lost (safety first) or if the smell of that local bakery will be too tempting to resist.

If you dislike running alone, ask a coworker, roommate, or friend to join in on the fun. Even if you are new to the city, many stores, like lululemon, offer run clubs where groups of people from around the area will run together once a week. This is a great way to get to know more people in your city ~networking~ while also getting in that workout.

Take advantage of ALL the free passes you can

Almost every gym or fitness studio has some sort of introductory, intern, or summer offer. Take. Advantage. Of. These. So, you go one time and never return? No big deal — but you may eventually find a class or gym worth the money.

Many smaller, more boutique fitness studios will almost always give the first class free, and viola, you just got a free TRX, Circuit, or Boxing workout. These small classes provide the perfect pre or post work-day exercise, as most fitness studios have locker rooms complete with towels, soaps, and other toiletries to use before the office. Some Yoga Studios, like CorePower, even give the first WEEK free, so be sure to do your research to properly maximize your free fitness.

Next, many larger gyms, like Crunch, 24-hr Fitness, and Equinox, will give you a free day-pass (you may have to sit through a small meeting with a membership advisor, but just smile, nod, and play along until they let you workout). But beyond using them for a day, these larger gyms often have more established introductory and summer packages that will fit within an intern’s budget.

Download MoveWith

MoveWith App

Invest in MoveWith, an App that allows you to stay fit wherever and whenever. For just $4.99 a month with the student discount — literally less than that latte you bought on your way to work — you gain access to hundreds of audio classes including but not limited to HIIT, strength training, treadmill workout, Yoga, and meditation — all led by top instructors. Many of these coaches hail from places like Equinox, Barry’s, Wanderlust, etc. Best part — you can use MoveWith at your apartment’s gym for your own personal class, outdoors in that nearby park (which you found on your run earlier) for a bodyweight #squatsesh, or even in your bedroom (space permitting) for a little pre or post office yoga and meditation.

With only a phone, a pair of headphones, and a swipe of your finger, MoveWith helps you get faster, grow stronger, and live better.

Just stay active

If you’re fortunate enough to work in a city with accessible trails, hikes, and other outdoorsy activities — take advantage! Plan a weekend hike for a Sunday workout, or head to the beach for a game of volleyball or flag football. Staying active overall can substitute for a regimented daily workout (and it can be a lot more fun as well).

Also, make small, active changes to your daily routine. Rather than taking the train or bus to that restaurant, try to budget in walking time. Even when taking the train as many of us do, choose the stairs over the escalators. These daily little changes have significant impacts when compounded over time.

Indulge in the occasional fitness class — or go with a group

While yes, that SoulCycle or Barry’s class may be $30, it’s sometimes just what you want. Splurge a little, post on your Insta story, and grab a slice of avocado toast after. Anyways, $30 spent on fitness are 1500% better for you and your body than $30 spent on happy hour drinks.

Sometimes, you can even arrange a group fitness class with your office and fellow interns for a discounted price (pitch it to HR as an “Intern Bonding Event,” and have them pay). Just reach out to the studio and ask — worst case, they say no!

Hopefully, these tips will come in handy this summer and beyond, but overall try your best to enjoy the sun, friends, and office-hour free life while it lasts.