7 Gifts for Yoga lovers

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the yoga lover in your life? We asked our team of world-class coaches for their recommendations and have crafted the perfect yoga-centric gift guide.

1. Carbon Leggings

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These sleek and perfectly body-forming leggings are hot and functional.

2. JSlides Calina Slip On Shoe

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Easy to slip on shoes are a must for the yogi who flows from their mat to Sunday brunch to weekend happenings. They look great and can handle the miles from your day. These slides are a yogi crowd favorite.

3. Tumeric & Matcha Tea from Samovar

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Turmeric and Matcha are enjoying an “it” beverage status for good reasons these days. With one being a champion at reducing inflammation and the other emerging as a metabolism-boosting antioxidant, you can’t go wrong.

4. Vivid Brewpot

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This teapot is a treat for the senses. Your tea will be steeped to perfection while the beautiful color of your steeping tea leaves seeps into the water. Gift this teapot to the yogi in your life who has an eye for beauty.

5. Yeti Coffee Mug

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Let’s face it—the modern yogi is often on the go. While sitting still at all times is not realistic in today’s time, your favorite yogi’s tea can remain centered in this fully insulated rugged yet charming mug.

6. Manduka Yoga Mat

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Guess what? Yogis can never have too many yoga pants or yoga mats—especially when the mat is as grippy and thick as the Manduka. This power horse of a mat is perfect for any yoga session.

7. MoveWith Gift Membership

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Yoga is best practiced every day. Whether it’s a short five minutes of mindfulness or a long sweaty fifty minutes of full-body hard work, every yogi knows that consistency is key. Gift the yogi in your life a three-month or one year membership to MoveWith—the personal fitness membership that delivers daily audio coaching to ignite body, mind and soul.

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