Introducing MoveLists, a fun, new way to reach your fitness goals

MoveWith is your modern gym, and our goal is to provide a fitness experience that is personalized and perfected to suit your needs and desires.

Today we’re excited to launch MoveLists, a fun, new way to collect and organize your favorite workouts, alongside a brand-new Home tab, where you can quickly access everything you need to keep moving the way you want to. The new Home tab was designed with you in mind; you’ll find your favorite workouts are just a tap away. Now you can easily view the latest classes from your personal team of coaches, or peruse collections of customized MoveLists.

This is your year, and your fitness — on your terms. Read on to get started.

Download the MoveWith App to get going

MoveLists empower you to customize your fitness experience to fit your lifestyle.

Get inspired by jumping into MoveLists created by coaches and friends, or create your own to meet any mood, goal, or occasion. Now, all of your favorite workouts are easy to find, and ready for you to come back to whenever and wherever you want.

Collections That Deliver Results

Ready to crush your fitness goals this year? Discover and follow curated MoveLists to get a little extra guidance and make it happen. Hungry to get stronger? Follow Garrett’s Body Blitz Weekly or Naomi’s Metabolic Meltdown MoveLists — both of which will ensure you see results. Traveling over the holidays? Follow Jen’s, Co-Founder of Away, 7-day My Fitness Away from Home MoveList.

Create Your Own Collection of Classes

Make MoveLists yours by creating and sharing your favorites — it’s easy! Simply collect your favorite workouts by tapping on the bookmark, give the list a name, and share them with your friends so you can complete the list together. Looking to plan your week? A MoveList can help you commit to your weekly plan, or even just a trip to the gym.

Here are a few of our favorite community-generated MoveLists ready for you to tackle. Find them on the Discover tab in the MoveWith app.

You are in charge of your destiny, we’re just here to make your journey a bit more fun and motivating. Let’s move!

Use MoveLists To Make #BoldMoves in 2018

It’s no coincidence that we launched MoveLists just in time for New Year’s resolutions. Stay tuned for an awesome challenge coming your way.