Katie’s Cold Weather Running Tips

We caught up with Katie Barrett, an elite running coach and indoor cycling instructor from Boston, to get her top cold-weather running tips.

Katie’s workouts allow people everywhere to train for a 5K, run outdoors or on the treadmill and cross-train for an upcoming race with a coach in their ear. As a 5-time marathoner, including 2x Boston Marathoner, she can crush a marathon in a blazing 3:08, and lives to share her knowledge around workouts, proper nutrition, training, and overcoming injuries. Katie currently coaches runners through audio classes on MoveWith, and as a lead instructor at high-end studios including B/Spoke and MyStryde, an indoor treadmill studio in Boston.

Here are Katie’s Cold Weather Tips:

“Layer, layer, layer! It’s not enough to just throw on two sweatshirts and head out into the cold. Start with a tighter base layer (think sweat wicking spandex, not cotton -which will absorb your sweat and actually make you colder!), then a vest to keep your core warm, and top with a wind resistant jacket.”

“Don’t forget the accessories! Most of your body heat will escape out of your head, so make sure to wear a hat or thick headband that covers your ears and forehead. Make sure to wear gloves and warm socks (merino wool if you have them) to keep your fingers and toes protected from the cold.”

“Drink up! It’s easy to become dehydrated in the winter months because we don’t feel like we are sweating as much. Make sure to drink plenty of water before and after your run.”

“Make yourself visible. Winter mornings and evenings can be dark. Try to wear some sort of reflective or neon clothing or vest if you’re going out before the sun comes up or after it sets.”

Ready to move with Katie?

These are two of her most popular running workouts on MoveWith:

Dynamic dash (20 min Interval Run — Level 1)
Spice up your run with 22 minutes of mixed intervals to build speed and endurance.

Tabata Tread & Lower Body
Bored on the treadmill? Light up your legs with the Tabata method for a fast and effective running and strength combo.