MoveWith’s Digital Turkey Trot 2017

It’s that time of year where the days are getting cooler and shorter, the food more plentiful, and the parties more frequent. Yes, it’s the Holidays. With Thanksgiving around the corner, the team decided to commit to running a 5K Turkey Trot from wherever we are in the world. And to ensure we’re moving our way into the Holidays, we’ve been training with the Earn the Feast 5K Training Plan for the past 3 weeks. Coach Katie, Amber and Lindsey have guided us there with their inspirational coaching and we’re excited to kick off Thanksgiving with a 5K run.

Whether you’ve been training alongside us or just want to get out on the road before a yummy feast, join us for our first ever Digital Turkey Trot where you’ll get the motivation of a killer playlist and the guidance of coach Katie in your ear. Trust us, she will make those miles fly by! Plus, it’s FREE!

Here’s how to join us.

Before race day:

Race day:

  • Pull up the MoveWith App and tab on the “Free Class Turkey Trot Playlist” under the What’s Fresh section.
  • If you’re running it on your own, open any of the run trackers (Strava or RunKeeper to track your distance and pace).
  • Grab your running shoes, plug in your head phones, and press play. Start running and let Coach Katie’s motivation guidance and an awesome playlist push you to your fastest 5K yet.
  • Take a post-run glow shot and #earnthefeast and #turkeytrot on Instagram. If you PR’d, make sure to let us know in the comments.

See you on race day. Let’s have some fun!

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Move with us!

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