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Here at MoveWith, we believe working out should be fun and are working day in and day out on making the best audio-coaching fitness app on the market. Our mission is to make your fitness journey easier and your goals more attainable, and we love hearing how MoveWith is helping you make that happen. Today we are excited to announce two big updates on some of our most requested features.

Saving Made Simple

Bookmark a class and add it to your Saved tab with this brand-new feature! This one is for you! We have been asked by many movers to make saving workouts simpler, and we’re excited to deliver a sweet solution. Now when you find a class you love, you can add it to your Saved tab by tapping the bookmark. It’s the easiest way to keep track of your favorites and plan your upcoming workout schedule.

Discovery Made Easy

Find your new favorite way to get fit!

Whether you want to browse by categories, new releases, or top rated picks for you, there are always fresh finds on the Discover Tab. You can even check out all the classes we’ve pulled with you in mind! See the variety and get motivated when you check out the Top Rated Picks For You.

Need a quick refresher on all the goodness you’ll get from the Discover tab? You got it!

Class of the Day is a fresh high-intensity workout curated every day. Your trusted source for a sweaty, heart-pumping workout in 20 minutes.

Categories allow you to choose a workout based on workout type, such as yoga, running, or HIIT. Filter by duration, focus area or level within each category to find that perfect class.

‘New This Week’ highlights dozens of new classes that have been added in the last week.

Top Rated Picks for You is a curated list of workouts each week based on how you’ve moved.

See how our team is using the new features!

“I’ve been using the saved tab to plan my weekly workouts. I love that it’s been saving me time at the gym” -Oksana M., QA Engineer

“It’s really fun to check out what’s New each week. I discovered a couple of new instructors, including Kilty Inafuku for yoga and Katie Barrett for HIIT, that I’m now following and taking classes with regularly” -Holly S., Co-founder & CEO

“I LOVE seeing the new class of the day on Discover. It’s always a fresh class and keeps me sweating. It really takes the guess work out of my workout time.” -Sue U., Director of Digital Marketing

Want to share your feedback or ideas about making MoveWith better for you? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Shoot us an email at Your experience is important to us, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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