Spark 25: Austin’s Best Fitness Coaches in 2018

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Meet 25 of Austin’s best fitness and wellness coaches who will transform your body, mind and soul. MoveWith — the fitness+wellness platform that empowers free-agent coaches to launch and grow their own digital studios — is proud to announce our first class of Spark 25 coaches in Austin. These coaches exemplify the creativity, passion, and hustle that it takes to transform lives and spark a vibrant and growing fitness community around them.

Of course, 25 spots aren’t nearly enough to recognize all of the great coaching talent that exists in the Austin fitness and wellness community, but we feel privileged to learn more about them and share the incredible ways that the 2018 class is moving us locally and globally.

Stay tuned for ways to workout with some of this crew on the MoveWith app soon. In the meantime, here’s where to find them in and around Austin.

Don’t see your favorite Austin coach on this list? Nominate them for next year’s list and an invitation to launch their digital workouts on MoveWith.

Jess Clark—2018 Spark 25 Winner

Coach: Jess Clark
Teaches: HIIT, Cycling
Teaches at: RIDE Indoor Cycling
Lives for: The endorphin rush from a great workout!
Aims to: Reach as many people as possible to motivate and inspire them to become the best version of themselves and live healthy!

Courtney Sugar— 2018 Spark 25 Winner

Coach: Courtney Sugar
Teaches at: Heat Bootcamp, Tetra Fitness, Ro Fitness
Why you should move with her: People come to my class for a challenge! I’m all about “meeting you where you are”. It’s important to remember people that come to your classes are all different fitness levels. I make sure that it will always be challenging — for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced athlete. My classes are unique in that I literally teach a little bit of everything. From bootcamp style, HIIT and Tabata, to a heated barefoot weighted/cardio class

Kimberly Althhauser — 2018 Spark 25 Winner

Coach: Kimberly Althauser
Teaches: Mobility
Teaches at:
Onnit Gym
Aspires to: Heal as many people as I can and get them to love their bodies inside and out. My dream is to impact as many people as I can and help them live a pain free life. If anything was possible I’d travel the world and perform my methods to get people out of pain without using prescription drugs and showing them the light.

Courtney Durando — 2018 Spark 25 Winner

Coach: Courtney Durando
Teaches: HIIT/Prenatal
Teaches at:
FIT Austin
Aspires to: Educate as many people as I can on transitioning into a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Inez Escamilla — 2018 Spark 25 Winner

Coach: Inez Escamilla
Teaches: HIIT
Teaches at:
Ignite Fitnez
Aspires to: Positively influence the lives of as many people as possible. I enjoy teaching women to be confident and knowledgeable in the gym and in their body. I would like to open as many Ignite Fitnez’s as possible and share my passion for fitness with the world.

Adriene Mishler — 2018 Spark 25 Winner

Coach: Adriene Mishler
Teaches: Yoga
Teaches at: Yoga with Adrienne
What her classes are like: Adriene Mishler is an actress, yoga teacher and entrepreneur who brings energy, authenticity and accessiblity to her classes. She’s committed to making yoga accessible to all through her YouTube channel.

Coach: Emily Murray
Teaches: Yoga
Teaches at: CorePower Yoga, Emily Murray Wellness
Why should you move with her? People come to her uniquely challenging and spiritual classes to sweat and learn.

Coach: Shanti Kelly
Teaches: Yoga
Teaches at: Wanderlust Austin, Practice Yoga Austin
What her classes are like: Her classes are more than just asana, but rather an integrated methodology that looks at the body as a whole. Her classes are rhythmic, progressive and steady; always calling to the student to look deep, dive deep and steadily rise.

Kim Eagle — 2018 Spark 25 Winner (HIIT @ Earn That Body)

Coach: Kim Eagle
Teaches: HIIT & Strength Training
Teaches at: Earn that Body
What her classes are like: Kim’s classes never disappoint and people come to get FIT, get STRONG and get HEALTHY! Her classes are uniquely planned and always have purpose. She believes in training the body with intention and not leaving it to chance.
Aspires to: Help as many people possible to realize their true potential in health/fitness. I want to show people that weight loss does not have to be complicated and can actually be done in a manageable, healthy way. I want to stop the fad diets and start a movement to help people see the getting in the best shape/health of your life is the most empowering thing you can do

Heather Kelly — 2018 Spark 25 Winner ( HIIT, Tough, and Strength @ Generator Athlete Lab)

Coach: Heather Kelly
Teaches: HIIT, Tough, and Strength
Teaches at: Generator Athlete Lab
What her classes are like: Heather focuses on athletic performance and recovery. She teaches at Austin’s newest downtown studio, Generator Athlete Lab, where you can strengthen your athletic ability through a six-pillar method that combines nutrition, hydration, prehab, pliability, recovery, and conditioning.

Izzy El-Ubaydy — 2018 Spark 25 Winner (HIIT)
Jena Mays — 2018 Spark 25 Winner (HIIT)
Christopher Chandler — 2018 Spark 25 Winner (Cycle @ SoulCycle)
Mallory Brooks — 2018 Spark 25 Winner (Running @ Pure Austin Fitness)
Sydney Torabi — 2018 Spark 25 Winner (HIIT @ Spin Syddy)
Nikki Gonzalez— 2018 Spark 25 Winner (HIIT @ Nikki Gunz)
Brendon Reburn— 2018 Spark 25 Winner (Yoga & HIIT @ Kung Fu Nerd)
Whitney Jaynes— 2018 Spark 25 Winner (Personal Training @ Crush Fitness)
Lauren Brown — 2018 Spark 25 Winner (Yoga @ Structure & Soul Wellness)
Heather Kelly— 2018 Spark 25 Winner (Tread + Rowing @ Generator Athlete Lab)
Sandy Byrne— 2018 Spark 25 Winner (Cycling @ Ride Indoor Cycling)
Ally Davidson — 2018 Spark 25 Winner (Strength @ Camp Gladiator)
Max Malerba— 2018 Spark 25 Winner (HIIT + Strength @ ATX Gym)
Erinn Leigh — 2018 Spark 25 Winner (Meditation/Yoga @ Sukha)
Mark Herron — 2018 Spark 25 Winner (Meditation/Yoga @ Sukha)
Image result for Chelsea Moore rowing austin
Chelsea Moore — 2018 Spark 25 Winner (Rowing @ Ro Fitness)



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