Tune Up 21 Challenge

Are you ready to Tune Up this holiday season? This December we are challenging you to commit to you. 21 workouts, 3 Goals. It’s Your Choice. Body, Soul, or Body + Soul.

The days are getting darker and cooler, and we’re finding ourselves in the chaos of holiday parties, end of year deadlines, and family time. Yet this is the time of year to fuel your power — whether it is body, soul or both!

If you’re feeling the desire to tune in and find that internal compass, then commit to the Soul Tune Up Challenge. If you are the person that just needs to sweat to relieve that holiday stress, then Body Tune Up will give you short, high-intensity workouts you can squeeze in anytime. Want to do both? No worries! Get ready to crush both.

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Pick a challenge and sign up now, to join and win:

  • Sign-up for Body Tune Up and a chance to win a home gym kit worth $100 here
  • Sign-up for Soul Tune Up and a chance to win a yoga & meditation kit worth $100 here
  • Sign-up for Body & Soul Tune Up and a chance to win Body & Soul Tune Up kits worth $200 here

Share your progress, sweaty selfies and zen moments with the MoveWith community, using #TuneUp21 and #MoveWithNation.

Meet your badass coaches:

Tune Up Body: Chad Flahive, Garrett Wood, Amber Rees, Cassie Brown, Amanda Chamberlin, Naomi Rotstein

Tune Up Soul: Julie Aiello, Danni Pomplun, Peter Walters, Kilty Inafuku, Jeremy Falk, Amy Leydon


What is the Tune Up Challenge?

Tune Up consists of two different programs that challenge members of the MoveWith community to complete 21 workouts in December. You have 2 programs to chose from (or can do both!):

  • Body Tune Up: Short, intense bodyweight only workouts to boost your strength and confidence. All you need is 20 minutes (or less), your grit, and perseverance.
  • Soul Tune Up: Meditation, Yoga and Inspirational Talks. Classes that help you tune in and find that internal compass. All you need is a mat and your presence.

Set an intention, push past your comfort zone, and feel your best as you kick off 2018!

When does Tune Up begin?
Tune Up sign-ups are open until Thursday, December 7. Tune Up classes you take from Friday, December 1 to Sunday, December 31 count toward Tune Up.

  • Sign-up for Body Tune Up here
  • Sign-up for Soul Tune Up here
  • Sign-up for Body & Soul Tune Up here

How do I track my progress?
We’re glad you asked! When you log in to the MoveWith app, find “Body Tune Up” or “Soul Tune Up” on your Discover tab. You can track your progress by seeing how many classes you’ve completed.

Let’s cheer each other on! Share your progress, sweaty selfies and zen moments with the community, using #TuneUp21 and #MoveWithNation.

What do I get for completing the challenge?
All movers who complete the challenge that they sign up for will be entered in a raffle to win a unique:

  • Body Tune Up Home Gym kit worth $100
  • Soul Tune Up Yoga & Meditation kit worth $100
  • Body & Soul Tune Up kits worth $200 (if you complete both challenges)

The winner will be announced on Wednesday, January 6.

Do I qualify for the Tune Up prize if I complete the 21 classes in December but forgot to sign up?
Unfortunately, no. You’re only eligible for the Tune Up prize if you sign up for the Tune Up challenge by Thursday, December 7.

What happens if I don’t make it to 21 classes?
If you don’t complete all 21 classes, NO WORRIES! Simply setting a goal and working toward it is something to be proud of!

I signed up for Tune Up, but I can’t find it in the app! Help!
You’ll only see Tune Up in the app if you have downloaded the most recent version of the MoveWith app!

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