#whatsyourwhy | Instructor Kilty Inafuku, Yoga Asana

Here at MoveWith, we know motivation comes in all forms. What inspires us to move varies from person to person; the reason we choose to move is as unique as each individual. Since we are always striving to learn from and connect with each other, while creating a community of movers, we’ve asked our coaches and colleagues to tell us what motivates them. We encourage you to check out each of the stories in the #whatsyourwhy series, and hope you find some of your own journey represented among them. Today, Instructor Kilty Inafuku is sharing with us her “why” and how she moves. Read on to get to know Kilty.

Want to hear something funny? I didn’t know I wanted to teach yoga until I actually started teaching yoga. It’s true! Until that moment, I had never even considered yoga as a profession. In fact, I was an engineer with a side hobby of teaching yoga asana. When I decided to turn my hobby into a career, I had to overcome internal dialogues and imposter syndrome. To get to where I am today, I had to learn to be honest and vocal about what I need and want, and only then I was able to start working on carving out my dream life as a yoga educator.

When I think of the question “what’s your why” and search myself for the reasons why I want to move and be active, the simple truth is that it’s in my nature. I don’t know how to do it differently. Growing up in Hawaii, I was surrounded by beauty in nature, as well as lots of opportunities to have fun while being physically active. I guess you can say my “why” is really just my way of life.

If I had to describe myself in three words, they would be: happy, accepting, and determined. Moving allows me to access all of my personality, and being active brings me joy. It forces me to accept certain truths in the moment and allows me to dig deep into my determination when I want to approach a challenging pose, or trek a tough trail.

Simply put: I’m happiest when I’ve spent a good chunk of time moving. And I’m determined to be happy.

So, how do I stay happy, and keep moving? Well for one, I stopped calling workouts “workouts” a long time ago. I don’t “work out.” I have adventures. I find inspiration to keep going when I’m already out there and doing it, whether I’m practicing yoga, surfing, hiking, mountain biking or bouldering. Being in nature, pushing my body and mind to make it to the next level, and staying focused on my task at hand — these efforts bring with them a major sense of accomplishment.

Also, I feel good when I move and take care of myself. In fact, if I could snap my fingers and create a perfect day. This is what it’d look like: I rise with the sun and meditate. I’m a total morning person and don’t want to miss a minute (did someone say FOMO?!). After enjoying breakfast and coffee (I’ll never give up that one), then I spend the morning in movement on an adventure. I could skip the city and head to the mountains (my fave) to hike, bike, or boulder. Maybe jump in the ocean for some swimming and surfing. Or I might spend some time doing a longer yoga session. Whatever I do, I make sure to drink a lot of water; good hydration is my go-to for any pre-adventure rituals. If I need to wind down, I do some yoga and then eat a nutritious lunch. If possible, I try to eat and adventure with someone I love. Being surrounded by and sharing adventures with people I love is a part of life that makes me happy!

After lunch, I see what work I need to do for the day, and get to it. A sense of productivity is important to me, and I like knowing what I do matters. One of the reasons I love working with MoveWith is that I can connect with students personally. I try to relate their personal experiences and my own to the practice of yoga asana. I like knowing that they can connect with me on their own schedule, and I can follow up with them on mine. As a seasoned student and teacher, I know how hard it can be to make time for classes that are far away, or with teachers who are in demand. When I first joined MoveWith, I was stoked to find out that some of my peers and even yoga crushes (Janet Stone, you make my heart sing!) are also on the MoveWith app, and I can encourage students to take classes from others whose styles and teachings are different than my own. I love the sense of community on MoveWith. In the afternoon on my perfect day, I might teach or record a class, plan out future classes, do some research, maybe check out my peers’ classes, and catch up on the business side of things.

When I’m in a good place with work, I’ll squeeze in another adventure before the sun goes down. I love to do something different from the morning’s activity. So if I went mountain biking in the morning, I might go for a surf or climb before dinner. It makes me happy to end the day in nature, surrounding myself in the smells, sights, and sounds that mother nature has to offer (yes, you can call me a hippie). Once I get home in the evening, I like to cook a light, healthy dinner, and eat before it gets too late. Before bed, I do a little yoga or reading and fall asleep by 10pm.

Doesn’t that sound perfect?! It’s my perfect day for a reason, and I get to live it every day. That’s another part of my “why” — I want to live my best life and be my best self. What’s your why? Think about it, and join me for my next class. See you on the mat!

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