Your 2018 astrological movement roundup for January: Three paths to bold transformation

January is a month of new beginnings for many reasons and we start off 2018 with something special — a supercharged opportunity to shift our patterns and change our lives. When we listen to our intuition and the world around us, we merge our physical body with our emotional body — creating harmony and power.

We start by understanding that everything is energy and energy effects us on all levels. When we learn to flow with the currents our emotional and physical body transforms. Engaging in the right physical movement will help you embody your boldest self.

What does it mean to be your boldest self? This is deeply personal and most powerful when you choose what is right for you. Pick one of the paths below for lists of workouts to supercharge your transformation in 2018:

Path 1: Clear Your Mind

On the 1st of January we will have a beautiful and juicy full moon in the sign of Cancer. This can be an emotional time as Cancer is a water sign and any time we are dealing with water, we are feeling the emotions. Now is the time to sit in meditation and listen to your body through yoga. Mediation, yoga, and any mindfulness practice is especially important now because it’s the start of the new year.
Follow this list of classes to clear your mind

Path 2: Move Every Damn Day

Truly connecting with your body in January through any ritual of movement that nurtures your body is vital at this time. Your body may want to move faster than your mind at this time so pour your energy into something that pumps you up and makes you feel like you can take on the world. It’s important to move every day this month, even if only for two minutes. 
Follow this list of short 2-20 minute classes

Path 3: Get Stronger and Fitter

The eclipse at the end of the month is a major game changer for growth. They move you up the ladder quicker than you would be doing on your own. Don’t look for something to happen exactly on January 31st. It’s not about that. That is simply when the energy will be at an all time high. This is the time to shift and change your patterns. Fully embody your boldness with your strongest and fittest self.
Follow this list to of strength and cardio classes


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