Creativity under Quarantine

We asked the members of the Movidiam Network to show us what they’ve been up to under the various lockdown measures in place around the world.

Georgia Humphrey
May 7, 2020 · 2 min read

And boy, they didn’t disappoint.

In this first instalment of our Creativity under Quarantine series, we’re taking a look at three pieces of work directly inspired by the pandemic.

Michael Havenith: film director and stills photographer

A bike, a gearbox, a surprise visit, a photo on the doorstep of the confined Bruxellois.

Michael has taken this time to spread a little surprise joy — turning up on the doorsteps of his confined friends in Brussels. The results are a delightful photoseries! The full gallery is available here, but we’ve picked a few of our favourites too.

Irene Marco

LOCKDOWN gives an insight into how people from every walk of life deal with the pandemic. How humans find a way to come together. How even in isolation we support others in need and how that has been a huge positive influence to help us deal with this crisis.

Irene Marco is an Award-winning film and commercials director living in London, passionate about all things cinema. During the lockdown, Irene and Markus Meedt curated this video all about togetherness from 15 countries across the world!

Silent Village Creative Productions / Leo Dorian Stiebeling

While the advertising industry has almost come to a standstill, images of deserted cities have gone around the world. Mostly dystopian shots, which do not do justice to the upcoming summer and our already unstable state of mind. Where are the many people who are now gaining strength outdoors, enjoying the sun or declaring the park to be their gym?

This dance film by Leo aims to oppose the corona dystopia — as dancer Stephanie Tampu dances through the empty streets of Frankfurt, shedding new light on hashtag #KEEPDISTANCE

More features coming soon!

Meanwhile, join the Movidiam Network to see the best new projects first.


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