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Creativity Under Quarantine

This week’s Creativity Under Quarantine theme is resilience. Lots of our creative work has been upended by lockdown measures, and these three projects demonstrate the importance of finding ways around difficult situations.

Evan Kidd / RockSet Productions

Local rapper Kamus Leonardo’s world is upended upon the sudden death of his girlfriend Destiny.

To make matters worse, he’s hanging out with a panda bear.

The project was shot last November, but we did most of our post production under quarantine/lockdown which proved interesting.

Coming 2020 to Amazon Prime Video.

Versus Studio

Part of a promo campaign for the FA Cup that was paused when lockdown began.

When football resumed we had 2 weeks to turnaround this new promo — hopefully giving the audience a smile.

Arran Busk

‘Julian Ball prides himself on being young and active but due to an underlying medical condition he is left feeling vulnerable when Coronavirus hits the UK.’

I have worked with Julian Ball a number of times over the years — he’s a good friend of mine from the ski workd. We both did back to back seasons together in our twenties, him as a professional skier and me as a filmmaker.

I worked as a one man crew on this project doing everything from directing, lighting, cinematography, sound recording, edit and grade. It was a really an experiment in that respect, and gave me a huge appreciation and in depth understanding of all the specific roles that make up the core of any production. It was hard work, and it’s strange being so close to every aspect of the filmmaking, as you become so involved that you lose track of the project as a whole to a certain degree — it’s hard to explain. I’m certainly going to appreciate stepping back into the DP/Director role and being able to focus on that solely — I’ve learnt a lot from this experience and I’m reasonably happy with the result.

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