Hi. Today I’m reviewing by Eddie Muller. I would show you the front cover, but it’s covered up with this thing because I got it on interlibrary loan.

So what I wanted to say was, it’s a really, really excellent book. It is just riveting, and I don’t think I’ve read another book or anything else by a film critic that has had me so engrossed as this book did. He is just an excellent writer. Eddie Muller is. He not only tells you about the people involved film noir, their backstories, their lives, as well as the productions, what went into them. He tells you the stories and he does it with the lingo from the movies and in such an engaging way that I was just captivated throughout.

So if you like film noir, this is a must-read and it’s a must-read for anybody who is interested in film, because it gives you a window into a different time and how movies were made back then and some of the characters, some of the people, and some of the surprises. Wonderful surprises.

Like the fact that Dan Duryea and Richard Widmark were really, really nice, normal people in their ordinary lives. They were not nearly as messed up as they appeared on screen. I like that sort of stuff. And of course there are people who were every bit as messed up as their screen characters and worse sometimes. So I mean, it was just a different time. Hollywood was different, movies were different and it’s well worth reading. It’s got fabulous photos at the end. Posters like this one …

… and pictures like this one.

And also, yeah, I will not forget this lovely one here that I just love. Okay. Yeah, I’m getting there. I’m getting there. Really? I am. It’s here. It’s somewhere.

I just love this book so much that I can’t recommend it highly enough. Yeah, I will cut this part out. Really, I will. [Okay, I lied/forgot to do that … sorry …] Okay. That’s an index. That’s not what I want. Where is it? It’s gone. It disappeared on me. I don’t know what happened to that picture. I know it’s here somewhere.

Ah, here it is. <laugh>. Wait a minute.

The End.

Did I do that right? Yes, I suppose so. I really love that photo. I don’t know, I just do, as well as this movie.

Just one of my favorites of all time. Okay. Yeah. Alrighty then. My love letter to film noir, TCM Noir Alley and Eddie Mueller. Way to go, man. Great book. Thank you. Thank you so much.

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PS: I’ve done much better video editing before this review. :)



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