Hi, today I’m reviewing , the second Knives Out Mystery. This is a really good movie, in my opinion, and just terribly clever. Both movies are terribly clever, and so hats off to Rian Johnson. That’s all I can say. I mean, it’s about, in this one we’re talking about going to a, I won’t say a house. It’s more like a huge monument to this guy’s self.

It’s an extraordinarily rich tech billionaire, of course, who owns this massive place on the water, and he’s got all these hangers-on who rely on him for their living. So it’s a very, very interesting movie for all sorts of reasons, and what I think is most amusing, it, it’s structured very much like where you have jumps in time and it’s a matter of how-dunnit rather than who in a sense, maybe, I don’t know. But it’s really cleverly done, and I enjoyed it, and I don’t understand anybody who thinks this is about Elon Musk. I know who this is about, and what was it that the detective said?

Couldn’t have been anything very important.

Rian Johnson, Writer, Director, Producer.

On second thought, it could be about Elon Musk. It could be about anybody, but I have my theories. Thanks. Talk to you later.


Directed by Rian Johnson
Screenplay by Rian Johnson
Produced by Ram Bergman and Rian Johnson

Shall we have a song?



This publication is a mix of real and sardonic movie reviews. I also feature public domain films with snarky captions in my awkward version of MST3K.

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