Part One of ‘The Land Unknown’ (1957)

This week, we have yet another unusual treat for you! 🙂

It’s Part One of a 2-part series review of from 1957.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get right to the review, shall we? 🙂

In this movie, a group of scientists head off to invade explore and raise a small flag over Antarctica for the US of A. All guys, all white, big surprise.

But there is a reporter embedded with this spirited group of geeky frat boys. And it’s a female reporter, naturally. Female and plucky as hell.

Image via paintboxtalks.

So off they go on a three-hour tour that turns into a lengthy stay when the chopper carrying them gets clipped by a flying dinosaur.

Anyway, the chopper goes down. That’s when they get their next awesome surprise. Antarctica seems to have turned into the Amazonian rainforest.

Wait! How’d we get on the set of Apocalypse Now? Or is Jurassic Park?

Commander Harold Roberts heads this small crew of three or four guys whose names I’ve forgotten. Frankly, they provide precious little in terms of the plot other than to bitch and moan about being stranded and hang about, occasionally trying to fix the chopper or hunt for something edible (without themselves being eaten).

Image via

Okay, so mission started, mission derailed by flying lizard, and Antarctica appears to be feeling the effects of global warming. And, as it turns out, they’re stuck in the crater of a volcano well below sea level. In addition, a storm descends upon them and their radio is on the fritz. So, they’re pretty much screwed, on their own.

Except that they aren’t. Because, apparently, another bunch of science nerds came before our plucky group of eggheads. And one has managed to survive. His name is Hunter (although you may recognize him as a war chief named Scar from ). It’s quite likely he’s done a whole lot of hunting and searching during his lengthy confinement in Antarctica Tropicale.

Image via DVD Beaver.

And for comparison …

“You speak good Comanch. Someone teach you?” (Via Delirium Tremens)

And the only reason I mention him is that he has the part that will (most conveniently) replace the broken one on our heroes’ helo. Did someone say ?

Image via DVD Beaver.

All he asks is that he get to keep the Babe Reporter after the scientist crew leave. This idea sits well with neither the Commander nor the Babe.

See you next week for more of this tremendously weird, but exciting review!

Be seeing you! 🙂



This publication is a mix of real and sardonic movie reviews. I also feature public domain films with snarky captions in my awkward version of MST3K.

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