And we’re back with the second and final part of this sci-fi flick review! 🙂

So let’s finish off this victimmovie. It’s Part Two of the B-Movie Review of This Island Earth from 1955. And here’s Part One!

Exeter the Highbrow explains that he and his Big-Headed cohorts are from the planet Metaluna, which is at war with the Zeons. I mean, the Zagons. (The Zeons were on Star Trek — the original.)

But before going to Metaluna, the Earth couple must first be stuck in tubes and subjected to a steambath or be smoked like hams — could be either one. This does molecule-arrangey things, which prevent them from being crushed by Metaluna’s atmosphere.

Image via Misfit Robot Daydream. Click the link. It’s awesome!

However, an unhappy surprise awaits our dynamic science duo upon their actual landing. What with the Zagons kicking Metaluna ass and a lack of uranium for defense, the Head Metalunan (or the Head Big Giant Head, if you will) decides the Earthlings must be absorbed into the Body of Landru hooked up to the Borg turned into zombies by transferring their thoughts into a Thought Transference Chamber. Exeter no likee.

So Exeter now helps them escape. (Who knows where this guy’s coming from?) The three of them flee in a saucer, as Metaluna is nuked to death. Or possibly to new life as a lifeless “radioactive sun.”

Image via Misfit Robot Daydream.

From there, it’s back to Earth for our protagonists and back into the tubes for the three space refugees, to get their molecules rearranged for the Terran atmosphere. Or gravity. What. Ever.

Image via Misfit Robot Daydream.

But there’s this Mutant alien who hides aboard the ship like the one in Alien. This Mutant alien has insect-like features and brains that seem to swallow his head. He tries to attack Ruth, while she’s emerging from her tube.

Image via Tumblr.

Meanwhile, Meacham and Big Head are still in theirs, smoking. However, as they enter the Earth’s atmosphere, the Mutant alien sort of evaporates, because he failed to smoke himself.

Image via DVD News Flash.

Meacham and Ruth return to This Island Earth and go on to live sappily crappily happily ever after. And Exeter dies and crashes his saucer into the sea. So much for that.

Click here!

Trust me. You’ll love it! 🙂




This publication is a mix of real and sardonic movie reviews. I also feature public domain films with snarky captions in my awkward version of MST3K.

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