Back again with the final part of my review of a movie I thought I’d possibly dreamed, it was so … bizarre? Incomprehensible? Just weird.

Anyway, here we go! :)

After the song and Ana’s departure from the picture/demise, the next part of the poem is deduced when Rambo notices upside down writing on the side of Ray Milland/Evelyn Rose’s boat. The poem mentions something about writing a message on the water, and it comes to light that the upside down words can be read in the reflection on the waves. But does it provide a map or a clue about where to look for this rumored windfall? No, it does not. But it does match the criteria of the poem.

Well, then, now what? Good question. Back to the poem, I suppose, which leads them to an island somewhere. They chopper in before Ray Milland and his crew can cotton to what they’re up to. The duo spend a good deal of time hanging about looking for clues, treasure, or some other sign that they’re in the right place. And Rambo ends up falling asleep or into a stupor during which a vision of Dead Girl appears.

She tells him the bracelet, which she happens to have with her, even though she’s dead and seriously WTF? Anyhow, the bracelet (a very wide bracelet — almost a gauntlet, sans holes for your fingers) is engraved with the treasure map or maybe more clues to finding it. And, after explaining all this to Rambo, Dead Girl tosses the thing into the sea. So … so much for that then. Kind of like the end of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, except completely different. Oh, and Rambo decides to throw the poem into the drink, too.

Rambo wakes and tries to explain all this to Sidekick, who thinks Rambo either lost his mind or dreamed the whole thing. Just like I thought I’d dreamt this whole movie, except no one offered me a treasure map on a bracelet. Or even a poem.

So, they do manage to catch the chopper that takes them away from the island. The one that was pre-arranged to arrive at 8 a.m. and not a minute after, mind you. Like, be here or be stranded. I kept thinking about that during the somewhat protracted dream sequence between Dead Girl and Rambo. Fortunately, they get there in time.

But not before Ray and his crew show up and cause trouble, of course. I guess they assume Sidekick Bob and Dack Rambo have the bracelet with the map. Raising the question of how they would know about the bracelet when that was in the poem that Rambo kept on his person. Plus wasn’t the bracelet part of a dream? It’s best not to think too hard about these things. Believe me.

Like I say, though, the Dynamic Duo get away. Even though Ray’s men try to shoot the chopper down. Which is stupid, because they won’t get any information if the chopper goes down in flames. It’s a good thing they’re all terrible shots.

Finally, it’s back to the Fred C. Dobbs (II), I assume, where Sidekick continues to try to learn the difference between a jib and a mainsail. Not that I would know, really. Although, I could look it up online.

They sail off into the sunset, and we all breathe a sigh of relief.

PS: For those of you who are now wondering, this is a jib and this is a mainsail.



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