Time for another send-up review of movies from the archives of Svengoolie!

It’s Part One of The Shadow of the Cat!

This is the most interesting entry in the Hammer Films lineup. This may possibly be the one and only story I’ve seen in which a cat (that’s not a cartoon) is the protagonist.

Well that’s my theory, because I was rooting for the cat the whole time.

But let me give you the deets:

In England in the early 1900s (two whole centuries ago), we see an elderly woman working on something late in the night, in a big old house in the middle of nowhere. Like all houses in these movies are.

Image via Cinema Cats.

And we see a pair of feet silently shuffling along a corridor and maybe up some stairs. It’s a man’s silhouette or, possibly, an extremely mannish woman.

He also turns out to be a killer. The man creeps up on the working woman as she’s finishing up. She looks up and cries out (I think, maybe) as he brings a blunt object down with a smack against her skull. And down for the count she goes — without the count, because that would go on and on and on …

J’accuse! Image via Aveleyman.com.

By the way, it is not a spoiler to say that the butler did it. This is revealed immediately (pretty much). The only witness to the killing is, of course, le chat.

Image via DVD Beaver.

More coming in the next installment! :)



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