‘Duel’ (1971) (B-Movie Review) — Part Two

Time for the next installment of this weird movie review. (Feel free to apply the word…

‘Duel’ (1971) (B-Movie Review) — Part One

Yes, this is the infamous first film directed by the great Steven Spielberg.

My Review of ‘Divertimento’ (2020)

Hi, today I’m reviewing a short film called Divertimento. It was written and directed by, I…

‘Kingdom of the Spiders’ (1977) — Part Seven

Finally, we’ve reached the seventh and last part of this monstrous movie.

‘Kingdom of the Spiders’ — Part Six

We are, in fact, coming closer and closer to the Big Finish of this amazing movie spectacular!

‘Kingdom of the Spiders’ — Part Five

And now for the next exciting part of this movie!

‘Kingdom of the Spiders’ (1977) — Part Three

And now get ready for the next exciting part of this cheesy flick.

Just Call Her Marlo (Part Two)

He looks a bit like Howard Wolowitz with a blond Beatle wig, doesn’t he? :)

‘Kingdom of the Spiders’ (1977) — Part Two

Hello! Back again with Part Two of another one of those crazy movies one sees on…