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Bangalore Days — Every youth will love this movie, elders will too

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My colleague had suggested this movie to me a few months back while our team was discussing good movies to watch. Recently I watched C U Soon and Trance by Faahad Faasil and was immensely impressed by him. Then I also noticed that the heroine from Trance is Faahad’s wife in real life, and is the lead actress in Bangalore Days. And Faahad is playing his husband in this movie. And it was during this movie that the two met and got married in real life. Add to that Dulquer Salmaan (my wife’s favorite actor) and Nivin Pauly (another established actor I discovered in this movie) in the other two lead roles. And Parvathi (my wife’s favorite actress) in a supporting role. And Isha Talwar (now famous because of her role in Mirzapur season 2). The casting of this movie is amazing and the main reason I watched this movie with my wife. And we were not disappointed. Not a single actor/actress feels out of place.

Each main character gets a well-defined personality and storyline. Every storyline reaches its desired conclusion. Every actor gives heartfelt performances. Every song is enjoyable and appropriate for that moment in the movie. Every love story and friendship in this movie is spot-on and feels real. And no unnecessary emotional drama or lag in any story.

The director Anjali Menon has done a fantastic job of writing and presenting a story that will stay with you emotionally even after you’ve forgotten the details. In case you’re looking to watch some good light-hearted drama from South Indian movie industry, particularly the Malayalam industry, then I highly recommend Bangalore Days. But please don’t watch its remake, Bangalore Naatkal — poor casting and bad direction fails to establish the emotional connection with the movie that was the core strength and USP of the original one.

In summary, this movie is like your best buffet experience. You enjoyed every dish and every phase of the dining experience but you can’t quite describe it, you can only recommend others to experience it for themselves. For me, this movie was like my first buffet experience in Ohri’s Jiva in Hyderabad — exhilarating.

I listened/watched to this song in a loop after completing the movie — it seems to capture the essence of the emotional vibe of the movie.

You can watch this wonderful family entertainer on a weekend with your family on Disney+Hotstar. You’re welcome.



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