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Jathi Ratnalu — So Ridiculous That Its Brilliant

This movie begins with a guy hating his name to be associated with his father’s Ladies Emporium, and ends with an International level Noodles controversy. And everything in between (including the Noodles controversy) is so ridiculous and silly that you will be compelled to laugh.

Every reviewer I heard had only good things to say about this movie. This made me curious and I watched the movie. Another reason to watch it was Naveen Polishetty whose performances in Chhichhore and Agent Sai Shrinivasa Athreya impressed me a lot. In Jathi Ratnalu, he is at a whole new level of acting performance. Most of all the reviewers praised the humor and absurd story premise of this movie a lot, and also pointed out that despite the outlandish storyline and subplots, the message of the movie was relatable and perhaps even essential for today’s youth.

I enjoyed the movie in my first viewing and then moved on to watching other movies and shows. But by next day my mind was replaying the dialogues and scenes from the movie. It felt like my mind hadn’t had enough of it and wanted more. I watched it again few days later. And I thought that maybe that was it. But the craze in my mind persisted, though less intense now. It was then I decided to ponder more about why this absurd hilarious movie appealed to me so much.

  1. The hilarious humor without cuss words or vulgarity
  2. The precise timing of the funny quips that can surprise you even on repeat watching
  3. The callbacks that will make you burst out laughing
  4. The bantering and arguments between the three friends

If I reveal the details here, you may not enjoy it as much as you could have, if you haven’t seen the movie and might decide to watch it.

When I sat to watch this movie the third time, my wife (who hadn’t watched the movie till then) strongly commented, “How many times will you watch this movie?”
I replied, “This movie is very funny and I want to understand why it is so funny. I’m studying this movie, so that I can write a funny story.”
“Yes, do a PhD in this movie.” (Watch out for the PhD PJ in the movie!)

This time I decided to make my wife watch some of my favorite scenes so that she understands how amazing this movie is. She did watch them, and eventually decided to watch the second half completely. Once the movie got completed, she said, “Now I’ve watched the movie. And you have studied the movie. Don’t watch it again.”

Maybe I will not watch it. Or maybe I will. Only time will tell.
Till then if you are interested in the movie, you can watch it on Amazon Prime (subtitles available in English).



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