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Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Restored

Finally the online petition to #releasethesnydercut has succeeded and Zack Snyder’s Justice League is available to watch on BookMyShow stream in India.

The director has clearly indulged himself in this project to showcase his vision, which makes the movie 4 hours long. Even though each scene is an immersive experience, some scenes are longer than needed and some scenes could be removed without disturbing the storyline or character development, thereby reducing the length of the movie by about 45 minutes.
If not, then this should have been a limited series like Queen’s Gambit rather than a movie. This would have worked since it is released on streaming platforms and on the big screen even though it would have been an amazing cinematic experience.

Except Superman, all other characters get more screen-time and more character development and moments to shine, especially Cyborg and Flash, as compared to their roles in previous Justice League movie.

I am so happy they removed the presence of that one family in the radioactive city where the heroes fight Steppenwolf. It looked like a cheap gimmick in the previous justice league movie. Also Steppenwolf is looking much better in this one.

Few characters have been introduced in this version that can lead to an amazing sequel to this version of the Justice League movie.

Had Zack Snyder not made the horrible movie Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, the studio would have, maybe, allowed to release this longer and better version of Justice League in 2017 itself. With the overwhelming positive response to Snyder’s cut of Justice League, I hope the studio executives will understand that humor is not the secret ingredient of success for Marvel’s Avengers, but good storytelling. Moreover, Justice League has always benefitted by being a grim and serious story of superheroes defending the earth so that the threat of supervillains feels real. The threat level has been successfully established in 2021’s Justice League, something that was sorely lacking in 2017’s Justice League. Even Marvel’s Avengers had to up their game by giving Infinity War a serious tone to ensure they made a good superhero movie where the threat of the villain (Thanos) felt real.

We managed to watch this 4 hour long movie in two parts, on weekdays because we didn’t want to wait till the weekend. And it was worth the anticipation. The ending of the movie opens up promising possibilities for the sequels and I believe Zack Snyder should be allowed to make these sequels not only because Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League has been getting overwhelmingly good response from the audience but also because the rivals (Marvel studios) aren’t really coming up with anything that the fans are eagerly waiting for (ok maybe Black Widow, the trailer looks good). This is the time DC and WB can, over the next couple of years, establish itself as another dominant player in the space of superhero movies.

Now I hope to see the Zack Snyder Verse restored soon.



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