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Join the Lite Reference Mode Event with MovieBloc!!

Greetings from MovieBloc!

We would like to invite everyone to our Lite Reference Mode Event! Invite your friends within the 14 days and be eligible to win the random token boxes! A total of $130,000 worth of MBL tokens are available for grabs!

The Event Schedule: 2022–03–31 17:00 ~ 04–14 07:59AM(UTC)

How to participate:

Once your friend registers a Binance account, completes Identity Verification, and makes a deposit worth more than $50 within 14 days after registration, you’ll both receive a 100 USDT cashback voucher (Cash deposit, Buy crypto with debit/credit card, P2P trading, Deposit crypto).


Also, you can participate in Early Bird Activity!

The event period is 2022–03–31 08:00 AM to 2022–04–14 07:59 AM (UTC), and to further celebrate the launch of our new Lite Referral Mode, early participants will get to split $130,000 in cash vouchers with their referred friends through this promotion.

You can also check out the details about the terms and conditions of the Cashback vouchers!


Please check out the details through the link below on binance official website!

Thank you,
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