MBL-i: Global Web3 Social Investment Service is now open!

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3 min readJun 25, 2024

Dear Community.

This is MovieBloc Team.

MovieBloc’s movie investment service, MBL-i, is officially launched.

MBL-i is an investment service designed to support short and independent filmmakers.

Creators can receive funding and investments for their film production activities, while participants have the opportunity to receive unique film NFTs and take part in the film’s production.

You can access the MBL-i page via the MBL-i tab on both PC and mobile. MBL-i proceeds through four main stages from application to completion.

1. Application

You can start an MBL-i project by clicking the ‘Apply’ button on the MBL-i page.

All films uploaded to MovieBloc can create an MBL-i project.

The application process consists of three steps. The more details you provide about your film and project, the higher your chances of success!

2. Review

MovieBloc staff will review all completed project applications.

We assess the appropriateness and safety of the project for participants.

The review process takes about 3 to 7 days, so please be patient!

3. Release

Once the review is complete, the project will be visible as ‘Upcoming’ to everyone 3 days before its official start.

When the start date arrives, the project officially begins!

On the project detail page, participants can see the NFT images they will receive by clicking the ‘Fund’ button and setting their funding amount.

To fund a project, you need to link your MetaMask wallet connected to the Polygon network.

For more details on linking your MetaMask wallet, please refer to the link below.

[How to integrate MetaMask Wallet for MBL-i participation]

Please generously support the creators who have prepared works that bring deep emotions and enjoyment!

4. Completed / Settlement

When the project reaches its funding goal and the project period ends, the project will be concluded.

Settlement is only processed if the project reaches its funding goal.

Creators will receive the MBL contributed by participants, and participants will receive their NFT products.

If the project does not reach its funding goal, the settlement will not proceed, and all participants will be refunded in full.

In this case, NFT products will not be issued.

MBL-i aims to become the leading investment service utilizing MBL, and MovieBloc is committed to developing services that support short and independent filmmakers through MBL.

We have prepared events for both creators and participants to celebrate the launch of this new investment service, so we look forward to your active participation.

For more details about the events, please follow the link below.

[Go to MBL-i homepage]

[MBL-i Launch Event Details]

Thank you

MovieBloc Team