MBL-i Promotional Page Open!

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1 min readJun 5, 2024
MBL-i Promotional Page and Pre-Registration Event

Dear Community

This is MovieBloc Team.

The promotional page for MovieBloc’s first investment service,

MBL-i, is now open!!! 👏👏

Creators who participate in the pre-registration will receive benefits such as ZERO Fee and an additional NFT issuance.

Join the Pre-registration event right now!

What is MBL-i?

MBL-i is an investment service for independent filmmakers, allowing them to open investment projects and receive support for their works.

Investors and supporters will receive an NFT for each film as a reward. As the reputation of the films or the creators increases, the value of the NFTs will also rise.

Through MBL-i, MovieBloc promises new opportunities for short and independent film directors and offers a sense of accomplishment to participants, as well as the future value of NFT rewards.

To Learn More about MBL-i, go to the link below!

>> Go to MBL-i Promotional Page

Here we start!