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MBL wallet address update

Dear MovieBloc community,

We will be updating our foundation wallets for security purpose. MBL token will be transferred to secured wallet by December 11th 2021.

OEP4 MBL Addresses:

  • MBL Ecosystem

AcyePZnC28BrYzfijNk2yF7eciF2G41jPr to ASyodeTQjegMYBewEgapRAPnfkHZks6bF1

  • MBL Foundation

AM7RFcQMjv97g8o3L765Hp8D7hSfWoAioy to AQpajajpu3YH2f8tfuTi9skSo2v4thyERD

  • Airdrop

ANtSPgqyrwuYtAk8eSf29HhdwW3Dkh3AY4 to AZhcGCcB6kD2xQKH2cbcskZx2pjxtef5pv

  • Team

AL17WPpoqH5o5gcFqfRd8MmMtDeAhVquhT to ARJha7nqnj1y43fbW4XiacUfCs5ncM6tcE

  • Private Sale


  • ONT Foundation


Thank you,
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