MovieBloc 2024 Q1 Roadmap Accomplished!

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3 min readApr 1, 2024


Dear Community.

We are pleased to announce that MBL has 100% achieved 2024 Q1 Roadmap!

- Additional Language Preset Launch

- Open Film Festival service Launch

- Invigorating Token Utility centered on participants’ reward

Language Preset Launch: Japanese and other major languages.

Japanese UI Language set has added.

We have expanded the Japanese UI language for Japanese users, the second largest user base of MovieBloc worldwide.

With the addition of the Japanese language set, users can now access various features of MovieBloc such as movie information, community, and news in Japanese.

We also launched a dedicated Japanese section to provide more intuitiveness and flexibility for Japanese users.

>>Shortcut for Japanese Main Page

Open Film Festival service Launch

For Every Story, For Everyone, For Free

We’ve launched Open Film Festival, a new film festival with an identity unlike any other

Open Film Festival is a free, easy and simple way for anyone to create their own film festival.

By lowering the barriers of price, participation conditions, and deliberation that have been barriers to users in traditional film festivals, MovieBloc has created a service that allows more creators to reach a global audience.

>>Link for Open Film Festival

MovieBloc will strive to create an inclusive service that allows more creators to reach global audiences.

Invigorating Token Utility centered on participants’ reward

Event Page Launch with Event Popcorn

MovieBloc has launched the Event Page and launched Event Popcorn to activate the participant reward token utility.

The event page is a page where users can participate in events through various missions such as daily check-in, watching movies, and writing comments, and receive event-related news and benefits.

Event Popcorn acts as a reward token that can be used for movie viewing, funding, and other systems that will be added to MovieBloc in the future.

This lowers the barrier to entry to the service and opens up the opportunity to use more of the service

>> Shortcut for Event Page

Q2 Roadmap

An expert Column service launch

Media service expansion

MovieBloc promises to always do our best to provide quality services to our users.

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