[MovieBloc] Bi-Weekly Report | August. 17–31, 2019

Sep 2 · 4 min read

Hello from MovieBloc team,

We release our MovieBloc Biweekly Report to share what we have been up to over the past two weeks. We will also be adding some major updates on this Medium blog, so you can quickly check up on MovieBloc at any time.
(See the previous
MovieBloc Biweekly Report here.)

From August 17th — August 31st, MovieBloc team did…

Business Development

1) Attend BCWW Conference

MovieBloc attended BCWW (Broadcast Worldwide) 2019 held in Coex, Samsung-dong, South Korea. BCWW is an annual distribution marketplace in Asia for TV and digital content across all platforms. It has been №1 broadcast content market in Asia for the past 19 years and MovieBloc had opportunity to share our global vision with industry professionals from 40 countries.

2) Meeting with BGMC (Bethel Global Media Content)


1) Ontology Media Conference

MovieBloc attended Ontology’s Media Conference held in Le Méridien Hotel, Seoul, South Korea. At this event, MovieBloc talked about Beta Service launched on 26th and future plans for the project.



1) Beta Service Launch

MovieBloc launched the Beta Service on August 26th! On Beta service, users can watch movies with the free MBL points they receive upon registration. Movies will be available in various language subtitle. More functions will be added such as rating movies and writing comments, so stay tuned!

2) New exchange listing: Indodax

MovieBloc Token(MBL) is now listed on Indodax. As the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Indonesia and has the highest number of users and trading volume among Southeast Asian Countries, listing of MBL helps us reach out to the Southeast Asian market directly and produce greater potential for business in the near future.

3) Partners with three major film distributors

MovieBloc signed a MOU with Central Park Films, Film Dabin, and LilttleBig Pictures aiming to cooperate on blockchain based movie streaming platform.

👉 Central Park Films: https://medium.com/moviebloc/moviebloc-partners-with-central-park-films-8aeff4ddbe65

👉 Film Dabin: https://medium.com/moviebloc/moviebloc-partners-with-film-dabin-98ae23c7d4b0

👉 LittleBig Pictures: https://medium.com/moviebloc/moviebloc-partners-with-little-big-pictures-e337a5c7e8c7


1) Service Preview 3

MovieBloc Service Preview 3 is now available! Preview 1 includes the overview of Beta Service. Preview 2 covers wallet function, and Preview 3 talks about ‘Individual theater” in MovieBloc Service.

2) Rating Function Added

👉 https://www.moviebloc.com/

That’s a wrap for the past two weeks! Aside from our Medium, follow us on Twitter and join our Kakao chat and Telegram to stay up-to-date with our latest announcements.


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MovieBloc is a decentralized film&content distribution platform.


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Active website: http://moviebloc.io



MovieBloc is a decentralized film&content distribution platform.

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