[MovieBloc] Biweekly Report | May. 01–15, 2019

May 17 · 3 min read

Hello from MovieBloc team,

We will release our MovieBloc Biweekly Report from today to share what we have been up to over the past two weeks. We will also be adding some major updates on this Medium blog, so you can quickly check up on MovieBloc at any time.

If you want to know more about us, please check our official Kakao Chat Group or English Telegram.

From May 1st — May 14th, MovieBloc team…

Selected as Gate.io’s First Korean Startup Project

Gate.io exchange, based in China and Hong Kong, launched the Fourth Global Startup Project with MovieBloc. It is Gate.io’s First Korean Project and MovieBloc achieved 1,234% fundraising in gate.io.

MBL listed on Gate.io USDT Market

On May 6th Monday, MBL listed on Gate.io USDT market. Gate.io is among the twenty largest exchanges with 175 coins available, users from over 150 countries, and more than three hundred currencies.

Invited to Ontology X Blockchain Game

On May 11th Saturday, MovieBloc was invited to Ontology X Blockchain Game Seminar. With over 200 attendees, MovieBloc shared its past 3~4 months of partnership experiences with Ontology.

Meeting with Hexlant

MovieBloc development team had a meeting with Hexlant and discussed about secured custody service platform. We do our best to build a decentralized ecosystem.

Interview with Decenter

MovieBloc had an interview with Decenter, Korea’s Blockchain & Crypto specialized media affiliated to one of Korea’s top business & financial publication, Seoul Economy Daily. We shared our vision and strategy utilizing BlockChain technology. We will upload the links to the News article on our community channel.

That’s a wrap for past two weeks!

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MovieBloc is a decentralized film&content distribution platform.


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MovieBloc is a decentralized film&content distribution platform.