[MovieBloc] Biweekly Report | May. 16–31, 2019

May 31 · 3 min read

Dear MovieBloc community

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We release our MovieBloc Biweekly Report to share what we have been up to over the past two weeks. We will also be adding some major updates on this Medium blog, so you can quickly check up on MovieBloc at any time. (See last week’s MovieBloc Biweekly Report here.)

From May 16th — May 31st, MovieBloc team


Advisor Meeting

MovieBloc had a meeting with Jaehan Lee, famous film director as well as one of our advisors, and Hyung Joon Kim, former Chairman of Korean Film Producers Association. We discussed about the future and prospects of the movie industry, and its mobile & web power. They gave a positive review about MovieBloc as it could be a great tool to encourage participation from users, by rewarding and incentivizing them to continue contributing to the content ecosystem. MovieBloc is positioned to be a success by accepting keen advice and insights from the professionals.

One-Day Workshop with Jesse from Ontology

There was a one-day workshop with Jesse Liu, our Marketing Director, from Ontology. We plan to intensify MovieBloc’s marketing strategy prior to Beta service launching in July. We will focus on technical development as well as SNS marketing utilizing kakao, facebook, instagram, etc. Stay tuned!

Community Event

BlockToday AMA Event
As announced earlier on our social media channels, there was a BlockToday AMA (Ask Me Anything) airdrop event for MovieBloc Korea community on 29th May. During this AMA session, a total amount of ₩3,500,000 (KRW) MBL tokens were offered in airdrop and the event was a huge success. For more information on this, please check our community channels.

Bitcoin Pizza Day Event

In order to celebrate and look back to honor the monumental event that may have set Bitcoin on its path to success some nine years ago, MovieBloc held a Surprise Pizza Event. Although it was very sudden, lots of community members participated. We are preparing more and exciting community events not only limited to the Korea community but also for our Global community!

Technology/ Development

Development Meeting

Here, we introduce MovieBloc’s development team! They work day and night to develop better service for our members :) During the meeting, they reviewed database design and Schema generation. Also, they talked about front and backend development. With their years of experience, they will steer the platform towards providing top-notch security for our digital assets.

Meeting with HEXLANT

On 27th May, MovieBloc’s development team had a meeting with Hexlant. They went over node API solution, security details as well as custody functions and how we would efficiently apply these to our platform services. With our same vision of creating a world-class professional decentralized contents platform that provides users best-in-class functionality and security, we will continuously do our best!

That’s a wrap for the past two weeks! Aside from our Medium, follow us on Twitter and join our Kakao chat and Telegram to stay up-to-date with our latest announcements.

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MovieBloc is a decentralized film&content distribution platform.


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MovieBloc is a decentralized film&content distribution platform.