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MovieBloc releases 11 films from Hipnóticos Filmes, a famous short distributor overseas

Hello MovieBloc Community,

MovieBloc screened 11 films by Hipnóticos on September 1.

Founded in 2015, Hipnóticos is a Brazilian short film distributor that has produced more than 10 original-films, mainly presenting mystery and horror genre films to audiences. Focusing on unique storyline, it has many foreign film festival winning films.

Covid-19, the longest rainy season, the heat wave, and the ensuing typhoon. In this reality, horror and thrillers are emerging as a popular genre, and analysts say that the recent disaster is a phenomenon in which the unstable public seeks relative stability through horror. For the users who are going to work from home and spend the weekend at home, here’s 11 horror movies released on MovieBloc!

MovieBloc will continue to show various genres of contents and high-quality works at home and abroad and strive for globalization. Please look forward to it.

Thank you
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