MovieBloc Whitepaper Ver 2.0 Update

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2 min readApr 2, 2024

Dear Community.

This is MovieBloc Team.

We are pleased to announce that the MovieBloc Whitepaper Ver 2.0 update is officially complete.

The team have been working hard to identify the weaknesses of MBL’s ecosystem and to find various solutions, such as paid payments, conducting various events, and issuing NFTs.

We have also tried to find strategic solutions and various models such as reward policies to strengthen the MBL ecosystem and improve the utility of the token.

In this strengthened and expanded the MBL Whitepaper, MovieBloc introduce various solutions for the ecosystem and the establishment of the innovative ‘ST’ model.

You can view the updated whitepaper through the FAQ page on our website or directly through the link provided below.

>>Link for MBL Whitepaper Ver 2.0

What’s new in the MBL Whitepaper Ver 2.0?

The MBL Whitepaper Ver 2.0 provides an in-depth look at the structure of the MBL ecosystem, the problems of the current ecosystem and various solutions, and the innovative ST model.

The first and most groundbreaking model is the ‘ST’ model for short, independent films. It tokenizes film projects and enables the sale and distribution of token securities for profit sharing between creators and users.

The ‘ST’ model is an innovative sponsorship model for short and independent films that guarantees automatic revenue sharing through an improved funding model, aiming to give creators a wider range of opportunities.

Next is the ‘Crowd Funding’ model. Before formally introducing the ST model, MovieBloc will launch ‘Crowd Funding’, a service that allows you to make social investments to help creators around the world socially.

Through ‘Crowd Funding’, creators of short, independent films around the world will be given the opportunity to receive production support and will have the opportunity to promote themselves.

As a global platform, MovieBloc will always strive to support creators of short, independent films around the world.

To learn more about MovieBloc’s unique positioning and innovative developments in the short and independent film niche market, please read our MBL Whitepaper Ver 2.0.

MovieBloc hereby promise.

Based on our mission, we will continue to strengthen our policies and reward systems to improve the funding aspect of the global short/independent film ecosystem, maximizing the scope for undiscovered creators around the world to work for a brighter and better future.

Thank you for the consistent support and engagement as we embark on this journey together.

Stay tuned for more updates on MovieBloc’s innovative work with short and independent films in the coming months.

Thank you for being a part of our MovieBloc.rew.


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