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MovieBloc will cooperate with KStarLive on minting and distributing NFT

Dear MovieBloc Community

MovieBloc has signed a collaboration with its partner KStarLive, to jointly advance into the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) business. Two partners are expected to leverage film and various online content IP (intellectual properties) to mint NFT as digital goods and distribute them globally.

MovieBloc and KStarLive have signed a partnership in June 2019, aiming to co-promote their projects in the overseas market. Through this collaboration, the two will use film festivals and various IPs to produce and distribute NFT with high-quality artworks.

MovieBloc’s entrance to the NFT market with KStarLive will help artists to go global, monetize their work, and communicate with more Hallyu (K-wave) fans. NFTs and their records can’t be forged, stolen, or duplicated on the blockchain, and this will bring new exciting experiences to our Hallyu digital goods collectors.

Thank you,
MovieBloc Team

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