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MovieBloc x KuCoin 9,500,000 MBL EVENT!

Greetings from MovieBloc!

We would like to invite everyone to 9,500,000 MBL Event with KuCoin!

Activity 1 — MBL Airdrop

The MBL Airdrop, Claim 2,000 MBL on KuCoin During the campaign period, each user who completes the following steps will be qualified to claim a 2,000 MBL airdrop:

1. From 09:00 on May 13, 2022 (UTC) to 10:00 on June 10 (before campaign starts), users whose MBL trading amount reaches 50,000 MBL;

2. Follow KuCoin and MBL’s Twitter;

3. Fill out the Google form to claim the airdrop. The first 1,000 qualified users who claimed the airdrop will equally share a 2,000,000 MBL prize pool. Each user will receive a 2,000 MBL reward.

Activity 2 — Trading competition for MBL, 9th June 2022–16th June 2022

The top 50 users who have a MBL trading amount (buys + sells) will win a share of 6,000,000 MBL prize pool!

Activity 3 — Participation Rewards

ALL users who meet the following requirements will be evenly split with a 1,500,000 MBL prize pool.

1) Have a trading volume of 30,000 MBL during the campaign period;

2) Add MBL trading pairs to their favorite list;

3) Pass KYC 1.



Reward Distribution

Rewards will be distributed within 7 working days after the competition ends: all prizes will be distributed all at once. The prize will be distributed automatically to users’ KuCoin main account.


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MovieBloc is a decentralized film&content distribution platform.

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